Rodney Collin - The Mirror of Light

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He shall bring forth Thy right-
eousness of the light and Thy
judgement as the noon-day.
PSALM 37. 6.

We live our life in a mirror; everything is reversed. When
we see a scene it is received in the brain reversed. The rays
go out, cross and are received in reverse. Reality exists in
the place where the two lines cross, if we can find it.
The same takes place in our thoughts; we think that
cause is effect and effect, cause. For us, the physical is more
real than the spiritual. That which our senses perceive we
call objective, while all that is imperceptible to our physical
senses we call unreal or imaginary. We think sowing and
reaping are essentially different and fail to understand that
they are the same. We regard birth and death as antitheses
and have altogether forgotten that to die is to be born.
The life we live, the world we live in, is a mirage. If we
understand a mirage we understand a miracle.
We should study more about the mirror. It is the key of
the book that should soon be written.

Every living body emits irradiations. They are electrical.
Whenever anything is touched it collects irradiations. We
would understand this better if we remembered the idea of
the mirror. Everything reflects back. Places where people
have had strong emotions are full of strong irradiations,
either negative or positive. Inanimate objects reflect the irra­
diations of living creatures.
There is an exception to this. In ultra-heavy matter
energy has become condensed to such a point that it
escapes. Ultra-heavy matter is dangerous because instead of
reflecting irradiations, it emits them. The earth needs a
minimum of emissory material, but men are accumulating
too much of it. This is why this is a kairos time, a time of
exceptional opportunity for those who want to acquire will,
love and reason. A great change is approaching in which
positive forces must balance negative ones. The positive
irradiations emitted by people of good will collect the
neutral irradiations emitted by ultra-heavy matter and form
them into a protective barrier like a kind of jelly that
absorbs and neutralizes negative irradiations. We project all
the time, either negativeness or positiveness. To positive
irradiations are added neutral irradiations, in proportion to
the strength of the positive ones.
It does not matter what we think about other people, but
it does matter what we project. To think good or bad about
them affects nobody - it neither helps nor hurts. But we do
not realize how much our projections

affect other people. If one says: 'So and so is ridiculous', that
will not hurt him. But if one says: 'I love you' with a
negative feeling, that will do harm. We do not realize the
responsibility we have for everything we project. We have
to project positiveness. Negativeness flows out of us and
reflects on other people. It affects thousands of people all
over the world. If we have positive irradiations they help
not only us but other people, also all over the world. We
must be very careful to project sincerity and strength. If we
project positive irradiations we can leave their distribution
to God. Those who have seen truth irradiate goodness;
we cannot imagine how strong these irradiations are nor to
what tremendous distances they can reach.
We are like radios. The moment we are negative we may
tune in to the accumulated negativeness of someone,
perhaps thousands of miles distant, who has been negative
for years. There are many, many different wave-lengths, but
there is always someone who has the same wave-length as
our own, whom we affect and who affects us if we let him.
That is one reason why it is so necessary to guard against
being negative, in order not to collect the negativeness of
other people and add it to our own. And think of the
responsibility if we send negativeness to someone else. It
might be someone who is just getting out of a negative state
and whom we push back again by our negativeness. Some
people are built so that they collect negativeness and others
positiveness, so we cannot judge them. We must just be
careful not to send out negativeness, but positiveness

When we are in harmony with each other we produce a
very high energy that goes hundreds of miles to people who
need it. If we have no harmony inside us we cannot project
it. Positive irradiations are made by will. When we have
found our real selves we will be able to irradiate
We can find proof of the strength of our irradiations in
the way they can change the weather. Sometimes in a
drought people carry the image of a saint in procession and
pray to it for rain. When the rain comes they think the
saint has worked a miracle. In reality the force of their
concentrated irradiations changed the atmospheric pressure
and enabled moisture to be precipitated. People with faith
knew this long ago by experience and science is beginning
to find it out.
One unit of positiveness reflects one hundredfold, but
one unit of negativeness reflects a thousandfold. When
reflected, each is magnified. That is why, when we turn
negativeness into positiveness, the result is two
thousandfold. Negativeness is much stronger. Bless
negativeness that makes positiveness. It all depends on the
level of the person how negative thoughts are used. A
person of low level uses them negatively, in a very low
form; one of a higher level can turn them into positiveness.
If we are absolutely positive ourselves we can turn negative
irradiations into tremendous force. We have to collect
them first by attention. To cum negative irradiations
positive we must be completely positive ourselves. If we
doubt, even for a second, nothing can be done because we
are already negative. If we see something unpleasant or
gruesome we must

find something funny in it and laugh, and point it out to
other people if they are being affected by the unpleasantness.
If we see someone reacting negatively we must try to make
ourselves positive by laughing or not believing it. That is why
it is possible to collect energy at a movie when the audience
is horrified at a murder film. We have to be strong enough
not to let the negativeness make us negative too. But then we
become much stronger by turning it. Once we start turning it
we can keep it turning; it keeps turning almost by itself. If
we can be positive for an hour and then another hour and
then another hour we purify our instincts and reactions.
When we catch a bad thought in ourselves we can check it,
change it and make it into a much stronger good thought. If
we are completely positive we can counteract someone else's
bad thought, no matter how bad it is, and turn it to good.
We are connected with everyone we have met or talked
to or felt, because we have given them part of ourselves - our
irradiations. It is not performance but irradiations that
matter. Our reactions are physical;
we have to make them positive. If we think of ourselves
everything goes wrong. If we forget ourselves we can do
right. We cannot love everybody, but we are here to project
harmony. If we have harmony we grow. To collect
positiveness we must love people, really love them. Just love
them. Everyone is in need of love; it is spiritual food. When
we love people we give them our flesh and blood. Blood is
emanations, flesh means our real self. To love is not an
emotion nor a sensation nor an idea; it is the particular kind

irradiation that only a certain type of action can produce in
us. If a person feels affection for someone but is too lazy to
help him, he does not love him. On the other hand a person
may feel very irritated with someone, but if in spite of his
impatience he makes an effort to help him, that is loving
him. He projects to him irradiations that probably are of
more help than his action, but which can only be set in
motion by action with the intention to help. The only way
to love our neighbour as ourself to learn how to com­
municate with God. Then we have the grace to love both
our neighbour and ourself.
All functions are biological. Just as the body functions are
biological, so emotions have a biological basis. There are
two kinds of negativeness. The kind that comes from inside
is meanness; this is bad. But the negativeness that comes
from outside is reaction; this is not bad. Often when we
react irritably it is because we have an accumulation of
body adds that need to be eliminated. We need to have an
elimination of these acids at least once a week, in anger or
tears or strong laughter. The mistake is when we identify
ourselves with these eliminations and mix them with
feelings. It is wrong to stop anyone from this kind of
elimination; it does them harm in the same way it would do
harm to stop a physical elimination. Babies are very wise;
they know about this. They will cry till they are red in the
face. Mothers should not pick them up till they have
finished, though they must not be left to cry too long or
they will form the habit. We must learn how to get rid of
our emotional waste. Once a

week we should run, shout, laugh, cry, put it out of us. We
should get rid of our physical reactions, but not against
other people. We must know the difference between
physical reactions, and feelings. We must never hurt
anybody; apart from that it does not matter how we work
off our emotional waste. When we have eliminated it we
will be clean.
The cleaner we are outside the cleaner inside. If we are
clean the pores of the skin are ready to get rid of adds and
we will be more healthy. Cleanliness depends on how we
were brought up. We have to be clean as a base, to be
virile, strong. Our houses should be clean. There is a Russian
saying: 'Where there is dust there is a devil'. God only
comes into clean things. When we understand cleanliness
we have to cultivate neatness. We should always be aware
of neatness, for it helps very much with self-respect. After
neatness comes smartness, a combination of quality,
suitability and fashion that is within the reach of everyone
with taste and intelligence. It does not of necessity mean
being dressed in the latest fashion, for often fashion means
making oneself look ridiculous in order not to be thought
When instead of saying: 'I feel so lazy today', we turn our
lethargy into positiveness by saying: 'I must do something to
get out of this', we find that we have more energy than if
we gave in to it. We must try to convert our negativeness
into positiveness. We must make everything positive by our
wish, by our strength, by our efforts. If there is one person
who is depressed in a gathering of people he can make
everyone else

depressed too. But if we come in and say to ourselves:
This cannot go on. I am strong; I can change it by being
positive', the atmosphere in the room will change. We must
not allow negativeness. The stronger person wins. If the
stronger person projects negativeness, negativeness wins.
Whatever is strongest affects whatever is weakest. A crowd
can be on the verge of panic and one strong person, by
projecting confidence, can stop it. In a group of people who
are trying to work one person can raise the whole level. We
can never make the excuse that there are some in the group
that keep the whole on a low level, because one person can
change the rest -just one person. Supposing you come into a
room and find four people quarrelling. You go to one of
them and say 'hello'. You can say it in such a way that it
changes his mood. Then you go to the next one, or even
smile at him. If you are sufficiently strong and positive
yourself you will change him, and so on with all four.
People cannot be negative in the presence of someone who
is really positive.
Negativeness comes when we feel or see something ugly
or dirty or mean and let it come into us. We should
recognize and measure negativeness but not let it come into
us. If we prevent negativeness from coming inside it
becomes less and less.
We should never be depressed about things we have
done that seem to us now were bad. Nothing is bad in
itself. Life is a ladder; we must put our feet on each rung
and step up from it. Bad is down a rung, good is up. But no
rung is bad or good in itself. There is nothing good or bad;
there is positive and negative,

whichever we make ourselves. We must not think so much
of ourselves and of the past. Feel how exciting is the
coming. That really is exciting.
Energy is like small cells in the air which attract others of
the same kind. There are two kinds of energy - negative and
positive. We know what is negative and what is positive.
We must face what we are thinking. If it is negative we
must say to ourselves: 'This is a negative thought. It may be
pleasant, but I don't want it.' Then if we think about
something else, or read a book, the thought will go. Up to
the tenth time it will be hard, but the eleventh time it will
be easy. We must make good habits. It is just as easy to
make good habits as bad ones. We cannot know what is
good or bad, but we can recognize right actions and wrong
People often blame their state of mind on external
influences. There are no external influences, only internal
ones. If someone is negative towards us it cannot affect us as
long as it remains outside. It can only affect us if we let it
come inside, bring it inside us. How else can someone else's
negativeness affect us? It can only affect us if we allow it
inside us by making it our own. Then what was external
becomes internal because we ourselves make it so by giving
it our attention.
If we relax we will never get tired, but if we try to
control our attention we get tired very soon. If we do not
try to force our attention it will not wander; we will collect
our energy instead of losing it. Relax and everything will
come. We relax when we forget ourselves. We can rest by
smiling; immediately the whole

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