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Roger Hamilton on the power of flow
On a recent talk to entrepreneurs, Roger Hamilton compared the three levels of the
Wealth Spectrum Enterprise Prism to the difference in vehicles that experience flow at
different levels.
"I often get approached by entrepreneurs who are seeking solutions to problems in the same
way that a driver stuck in a jam on a motorway seeks a way off the motorway. You can solve
the problem by waiting for the traffic to move, or change your vehicle. In a plane, you can see
al the off-ramps, but in a plane, the problem has also disappeared, replaced by entirely
different challenges on a different level."
- Roger James Hamilton
While the car is similar to the yellow level `Player', where the self-employed company owner
relies on friction and their own steering to drive their business, the plane is similar to the blue
level `Conductor', where the owner of multiple businesses has an entire team supporting
them. They have multiple destinations to choose from, multiple airports supporting them and
crews in both the cabin and cockpit.
In between the two is Roger Hamilton's green level `Performer', which is the member of the
high performing team focused on one enterprise with a collective destination. Like a ship at
sea, the ship needs a crew, a destination, and the elements to drive the ship. While wind can
impede a plane, it can be the power that drives a sailing ship. Ships can't drive on motorways
and cars can't float. While all businesses look similar, in reality all three levels are as different
as the three vehicles in this blog.
Roger Hamilton explains that the key to our success is to choose which level of performance
and risk we are ready for, and then get the right team and training to play at that level.
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