Roger Hamilton Flow within the Laws of Wealth Dynamics

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Roger Hamilton: Flow within the Laws of
Wealth Dynamics
"Fear of death increases in exact proportion to increase in wealth - Ernest
Hemingway" Roger Hamilton has been talking about creating balance in
life when the flow of wealth becomes stagnant in a successful man's life.
When such a point comes, when people find themselves at their peak then
is the time that may bring them down from the level they have achieved in
their lives unless they are able to change their course. Life is a constant field
of flow of wealth, where the flow of wealth should never remain stagnant.
Stagnation in the flow of energies creates barriers in the flow of wealth,
which can destroy the future prospects for any social entrepreneur. Fear of
the unknown is also another great factor which leads a successful
entrepreneur down the line of decay because it makes them unsure of
every opportunity that comes their way. There are many risks involved
when you take up a path of business; however some social entrepreneurs
forget that there are multiple ways to counter the problems they might face
in the future. Hence, fear is only a barrier which clouds a person's vision to
greater possibilities that lie ahead. The removal of fear is essential which
only comes with acquisition of knowledge of self, which people can gain
through the system of wealth dynamics.
Roger Hamilton has empowered many social entrepreneurs with various
business ideas along with the knowledge of their personal wealth profiles.
These wealth profiles are based on the ancient Chinese system of the five
elements which helps people understand the flow of wealth in their lives.
This makes them much more self aware of the fruitful business possibilities
that exist in their lives that they could not access before through their usual
ways. The wealth dynamics system brings in new synergy into the inner
workings of the mind of the social entrepreneurs which opens all the door
of opportunity left unused for a long time.