Role of Vitamin D in Preventing Heart Failure

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Role of Vitamin D in Preventing Heart Failure
The list of foods that have Vitamin D is not long. The vast majority of Vitamin D,
thus is syn thesized in our skin following exposure to sunlight. This article will
highlight key points about t his ‘sunshine vitamin’ as well as illuminating its role in
preventing heart disease and failure, uncovered recently by cardiologists.
What Are The Functions Of Vitamin D In The Body?
Vitamin D serves several functions in the body, which is why it is an essential
vitamin. Here are some of those functions:
Vitamin D is an important player in maintaining bone health
Vitamin D impacts the working of muscles and blood vessels in the body
Vitamin D has a protective eff ect on heart health according to cardiologists
in Darbhanga, which is what our article is all about.
Vitamin D deficie ncy is known to cause rickets in children, a disease which leads
to soft bones prone to fracture. Vitamin D deficiency has recently also been linked
to coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart failure.
The Mechanism of Vitamin D in Heart Failure Prevention
A hear t attack occurs when the s upply of blood to the heart is stopped. And,
because no oxygen is r eaching sections of the tiss ue, they become damaged,
which triggers inflammation in the region. In the inflamed tissue, cCFU-Fs (car diac
colony-forming unit fibroblasts) begin to replace damaged cells with "collagen-
based scar tissue."
This is a problem because s carring of heart tissue can reduce the heart's ability to
pump blood effectively, which can lead to heart failure.
The team found that vitamin D was able to block the action of cCFU-Fs, thereby
preventing the build-up of scar tissue and potentially stopping a blockage from
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