Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz by Ron Jeremy

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  1. Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz by Ron Jeremy Surprisingly Entertaining Look At The Adult Film Industry Hes the porn worlds Everyman. Blessed with an enormous talent yet average looks, hes starred in more than 1,700 adult films, directed 250 of them, and over the last twenty years has become porns biggest ambassador to the mainstream. Hes appeared in 60 regular films, 14 music videos, and VH1s Surreal Life, starred in the critically acclaimed Porn star (a movie about his life), and in Being Ron Jeremy (a take off on Being John Malkovich), co-starring Andy Dick. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. . . . Ron Jeremy is a born storyteller (funny, considering he doesnt do a lot of talking in his films). He knows where all the bodies are buried, and in this outrageous autobiography he not only shows you the grave but also gives you the back story on the tombstone. Get ready for Ron Jeremy—a scandalously entertaining deep insiders view of the porn industry and its
  2. emergence into popular culture, and a delectable self-portrait of the amazingly endowed Everyman every man wanted to be. Personal Review: Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz by Ron Jeremy Everything you ever wanted to know about the porn industry and more, told by a witty and charming person, Ron Jeremy himself, the King Of Porn. You see or think of Ron Jeremy you think of adult entertainment, but surprisingly he's also a classical pianist and violinist, does stand up comedy, has a Masters degree in Special Education, was a teacher at the Crystal Run School For The Mentally Challenged, holds a brown belt in Kung Fu, and was honored by PETA as an Ambassador Of Goodwill. Surprise. He was also a boy scout. Growing up in a normal and supportive family, Ron Jeremy Hyatt wanted to be an actor, a real one. He stumbled into the porn industry by submitting a photo of himself to Playgirl magazine. His career took off from there, but he always tries for (and treasures) getting cameo and bit roles in legitimate movies. He's managed to spend his lengthy career staying away from the drugs and excessive alcohol linked to the occupation. This book is an explicit look at the porn industry, not holding back in describing scenes or use of language, so its not for the squeamish in that area. There's a 17 page black-and-white photo spread and a 16 page color photo spread included, plus black-and-white photos throughout the book and at the beginning of each chapter. No "naughty bits" are shown except upper torso. The color photos are of Ron with a surprising array of famous people. He's like a who's who of Hollywood. It was also Ron Jeremy who directed (and acted in) both of the movies made with John Wayne Bobbitt and his revamped equipment after his wife cut it off. While graphically describing scenes such as filming on a yacht where all the actors and actresses were seasick, a "swingers club" (basically a $ex club) in New York, and after hours antics at celebrity houses, Ron still manages to come across as romantic and sentimental. Plus, he has an amazing sense of humor. Another surprise. If you're not shy of delving into a sleazy industry, then I highly recommend this book. It's funny, informative, and entertaining. I'm not a fan of the porn industry, nor do I own any (though I've rented a few in my lifetime) and perhaps because of that I found the book interesting. It's easy to not put faces to such a faceless occupation, but Jeremy opens up the world and slaps us in the face with it. This book is a very fast read, even at 360 pages. The content is graphic but told in a humorous tone. It takes us from the 1970's through current
  3. day in the industry, and Ron even waxes nostalgic for the "good ol days". Make sure to read the prologue too. I highly recommend this book as long as your not offended by the content. Enjoy! For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz by Ron Jeremy 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!