Roundtable Participants at High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development 24 October 2007 | Ron Nechemia

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23 October 2007

High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development

List of Business Sector Participants in Round Tables
(24 October 2007)

Round table 1: Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development
Ms. Anne-Francoise Lefevre

Mr. Odo Habeck (USA)
Mr. Harvey Dupiton (USA)
Managing Partner
Founder and President
Head of Institutional Relations
OGH Advisors
Xen Pi Consulting
World Savings Banks Institute
Round table 2: Mobilizing international resources for development: foreign direct investment and
other private flows
Mr. Parag Saxena
Mr. Stephen J. Canner (USA)
Mr. Prakash Mehta (USA)
Vice President, Investment and
Vedanta Capital
Financial Services
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer &
US Council for International
Feld LLP
Round table 3: International trade as an engine for development
Ms. Louise Kantrow (USA)
Mr. Peter Kazaura (Tanzania)
Mr. Juan Mulder (Peru)
Permanent Representative to the
Chief Operating Officer
Member of the Board of
United Nations
International Chamber of
Química Suiza
Round table 4: Increasing international financial and technical cooperation for development
Mr. Oludotun Ajayi
Ms. Barbara Samuels (USA)
Mr. Ron Nechemia (USA)
Coordinator, West Africa Chapter President
Chairman & CEO
African Business Roundtable
Samuels Associates
EurOrient Financial Group
Round table 5: External debt
Mr. Erwin Krüger
Mr. Odo Habeck (USA)
Mr. Peter Kazaura (Tanzania)
Former President
Managing Partner
Chief Operating Officer
Superior Council for Private
OGH Advisors
Round table 6: Addressing systemic issues: enhancing the coherence and consistency of the
international monetary, financial and trading systems in support of development
Mr. Herman Mulder

Ms. Jean Rogers (USA)
Mr. Thomas Cochran (USA)
Deputy Director
Managing Director
Senior Advisor
Center for International Private
Civil Credit Advisors LLC
UN Global Compact Office
(ex ABN AMRO Bank N.V.)