RSA Queensland

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Responsible Service of
Alcohol Queensland

The Australian state of Queensland has a policy that any person who deals with
alcohol should have a Responsible Service of Alcohol certification (RSA QLD
certification) and this course needs to be completed to work in this job.

This course is necessary because of the rules by the Office of Liquor and
Gaming Regulation (OLGR) that any citizen of the land should have proper
safety and this is because there are times when people who drink do not have
limits. So, the people who deal with alcohol and serve them should know the
limitations and prevent people from drinking too much.

The OLGR has made sure that there are some accords or standards that are
maintained. This is not only for the people who are dealing with alcohol, but it
is also for the other people and the society as a whole because it will help in
maintain a calm environment. It will also help to ensure that people are safe and
property is protected without damage. The entertainment and other industries
have to be compliant to these accords.

There are various limits that are set according to the Liquor Act of 1992 and
these limits include the aspects like the noise limits, hours of operating pubs and
bars, methods of preventing minors having access to alcohol and other things.
The RSA in Queensland helps in reducing the various risks that are linked to the
serving of alcohol in businesses.

The OLGR approved courses are to ensure that the people in various levels of
working should have their RSA Queensland course completed in 30 days after
getting employment. These classes are held on the internet and ensure that it is a
simple method of completion.

The RSA Queensland certificates are useful for up to a period of three years, but
once it is completed, an updated training needs to be obtained. The RSA
Queensland investigators will check the employee records and also go though
the licenses. If anything is amiss and not in order, then the license holder can be
fined and also legal action may be taken.

All these accords and regulations were started in the states of South Wales as
well as Victoria. Once this was started, there were reductions in many of the
alcohol related incidents and this helped it to be started in all parts of the

The people who work need the RSA certification can get it from any other part
of the country and can still use it in Queensland. The RSA Queensland will help
to ensure that people live in a safe society.