RSS subscribers and what you need to do to acquire them

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RSS subscribers and what you need to do to acquire them

As bloggers, we all seem to fall head over heels in love with our RSS readers. However, we are
continually on the look out for new readers. Now, there are certain things that you can do to
acquire a whole lot of RSS subscribers and watch your Feedburner count jump up! Here are a
few tips that would help you out for sure:

Place a substantially sized RSS icon on your blog
The fact of the matter is that people these days are way too busy to actually scrounge through
your website trying to look up your RSS icon. If they have trouble finding it, they're not going to
bother with it too much. There's a good chance that they'd just get up and leave. For this reason,
it is necessary for you to place a HUGE RSS icon over your blog, so that people can easily see it
and recognize it see page .

Make sure that the RSS icon is placed on all of your blog's pages
The major mistake that fresh bloggers make is that they place their RSS icon just over their
homepage. This is going to have a major impact over the number of RSS subscribers that you
acquire, for the simple reason that nobody is going to head back to your homepage just to find it.
For this reason, it is extremely important for you to make sure that the RSS icon is placed on
every page of your blog.

Make sure that the RSS icon is displayed over the fold
The RSS icon of your blog must necessarily be placed over the fold. The reason is that a majority
of blogs these days place their RSS icons there, and people have actually become used to looking
for RSS icons over the fold for subscriptions. So, don't make it a hassle for them to look up the
icon and just place it where they think it would be placed try these out.

Make sure that email subscriptions are also offered on your blog
Let's get real, studies have shown that not many people are aware of RSS feeds and not many of

them use it. This means that you need to offer them options in terms of subscriptions. The best
thing to do in this regard is to offer email subscriptions as well.

Tell them what an RSS icon would do
At times, it isn't just enough for you to use an RSS icon. Not many people know what this
particular icon is going to do, so it is necessary for you to tell them about it. In this regard, what
you need to do is just write up a concise message that would tell them that this icon would
subscribe them to your RSS feed and they would be able to remain updated with the posts and
updates on your blog.

Deliver highly informative and valuable content
Nobody is going to subscribe to your RSS feed if you do not deliver valuable content. Give them
something interesting to read through, and make sure that it is informative.