Rules and Details for Debate

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Konsep : Asian Parliamentary Debate
Rules :

There two opposing teams in an Asians format of debate:

1. Government side- proposes and defends the motion;
2. Opposition side- refute and negates the motion.

Each each side is composed of three members.

The Members of the government side are the following:

1. Prime minister (PM)- opens the debate, defines the motion and advances
2. Deputy prime Minister(DPM)- refute at first instance the case of the opposition, re-
establish the government's claim, and advances arguments;
3. Government whip(GW)- makes an issue-based rebuttal of the opposition's case
and summarizes the case of the government.

The Members of the Opposition side are the following:

1. Leader of the Opposition(LO)- responds directly to the case of the government by
giving a direct clash, and advances arguments. May challenge the motion if the
definition is challengeable;
2. Deputy Leader of the Opposition(DPL)- refutes the case of the DPM, reestablishes
the case of the opposition, and advances an argument;
3. Opposition Whip (OW)- makes an issues-based rebuttal of the government's and
summarizes the case of the opposition.

Time of Speeches:

Each speaker is allocated seven minutes to deliver their constructive speeches. One
speaker from each side (For the Government:PM/DPM, for Opposition:LO/DLO) is
given four minutes to deliver a reply speech. The speakers will be speaking in the
following order:

1. Prime Minister
2. Leader of the opposition
3. Deputy Prime Minister
4. Deputy Leader of the Opposition
5. Government Whip

6. Opposition whip
7. Opposition Reply
8. Government Reply

During the constructive speeches, Point of Information (POI) may be raised by the
opposing side after the first minute up to the sixth minute. POI may be refused or
accepted by the speaker. During reply speeches, no POI may be raised.

Reply Speech:

Reply speech is a comparative analysis of the strength and weaknesses of the case
of both sides. The aim of the speech is to give a bias judgment as to why should the
people support the team's claim. The speech is first delivered by the opposition side
and followed by the government side who will close the debate.

Matter, Manner, Method:

Asian Parliamentary Debate is assessed by an Adjudicator Panel composed of an
odd number according to the following criteria:

1. Matter (40)- substance of the debate, the arguments and evidence presented, and
the logical reasoning and presentation of said arguments.
2. Manner (40)- the style of delivery, the persuasion skills, and the conduct of the
3. Method (20)- the response to the dynamics of the debate, and the observance of
the rules of debate.

Prize :
Hadiah Juara 1

Rp 2.000.000
Hadiah Juara 2

Rp 1.500.000
Hadiah Juara 3

Rp 1.000.000