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Safety Glasses-A must have for an industrial worker
Are you engaged in an industry where you are exposed to chemicals on a daily
basis? In case you do, then you will need to ensure that the eyewear is
compliant with the existing norms in the industry. Recent studies have
confirmed that around 1000 eye injuries occur in North American workplaces
on a daily basis. Using proper eyewear, as much as 90 percent of these injuries
can be avoided. So, how can you be sure that the safety eyeglasses you are
using is safe?
Within the US, the ANSI(American National Standards Institute) oversees
safety practices existing within the workplace and educational settings. It sets
the applicable standards that apply to eye safety. Therefore, you need to look for
the exact symbol on your eyeglasses to ensure that you are using an approved
product. This will include many types of eye protection devices, including
goggles, face shields and welding helmets.
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