Sales Productivity – Benefits of Sales Productivity Solutions

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Sales Productivity - Benefits of Sales Productivity Solutions

It is a known fact that sales and marketing walks hand in hand, and when it comes to sales productivity most
companies and organizations wants to make the most of it. The reason apart from high revenue lies in greater
brand prominence. Therefore, we see that the concept of sales productivity has radically changed over the past
few years. Today it means much more than selling a certain number of product units and generating profits out of
the same. Effective sales productivity also depends on your personal and business contacts, and the manner in
which you can monitor them to attain your goal. The target here is not only in increased profits but also in being
able to tap a greater share of potential customers that can be turned into reliable sales leads and developing a
comprehensive network of corporate firms and entities.
It might be tough to believe, but then in this huge fast-paced world everyone is connected to the other by some
way or the other. This is precisely known as six degrees of separation. It is this connection that most eminent
service providers of sales productivity solutions encashes on and design their innovative applications that links
with you with people located far and wide, and allows you to strengthen your sales network by making other
connections through them. As a result, your sales productivity increases as you discover fruitful contacts and
sources with whom it is always beneficial to network.
Eminent companies dealing in sales productivity solutions enable users to maintain consistent sales cycles and
experience other value added services. Some unique services provided by them are listed below-

Helps in leveraging more contacts and relationship across an overall business network

Provides sales pipeline prioritization and mechanized sales prospect ranking that is dependent on the
relationship strength

Assists in network visualization, that enables you to explore and visualize your connections and
relationships even within your and your colleagues' network as well

Helps in organization -wide contact distribution for network effects. This means a company can leverage
from everyone's network that it has access to, even if there is no direct connection
In the recent past, social networking has been playing a significant role in generating sales leads. Keeping this in
mind, sales productivity solutions offers techniques and applications through which you can even leverage the
social networking sphere to its best. For instance, it combines all relevant contacts from your social networking
portals and combines the same with an eminent third party database and data collected from the web. This apart,
you can put information collected from your colleagues' network to fruitful use, and can gain perceptive insights
by the way these applications rank each connections based on your relationship strength.
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