Sales Prospecting – A New Age Sales Networking

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Sales Prospecting - A New Age Sales Networking
Sales prospecting is a method, followed by the sales professionals of an enterprise that involves actively looking
out for people who would purchase their services and/or product. Though some people might think this process to
be intimidating and tedious, it can actually provide an organization with lowered expenses and increased sales.
If done right, sales prospecting has several benefits. A few of them are discussed below.
Greater Revenue and Sales
This is the essential part of any sales prospecting job. When you venture out in the market actively networking
with prospective clients, you meet a wide section of people. They might not buy your product immediately, but
can be turned into potential customers gradually.
Customer Service
An important process that holds a significant place in sales prospecting is customer service. This entails not only
keeping to the requirements of present customers but also staying in touch with old customers and checking
whether everything is going smoothly. For instance, if you have a customer in your database who purchased a
particular product a year ago, you can check in to see if the product is functioning properly or not. This enhances
customer relations and results in greater sales.
Lower Expenses
Sales prospecting is looked upon as a method of reducing expenses. Numerous sales people would depend on
advertisements and other costly mediums. With sales prospecting there are no advertising costs involved, and, in
addition to that, it can generate greater sales without greater expenses.
Eminent IT brands have introduced innovative sales prospecting software tools that make the overall process easy
and fast. The entire process is carried out online, and hence it involves new age technologies that result in quick
results and efficient networking.
Let us have a look at some of the benefits of sales prospecting solutions offered by various service providers:
Provides you with warm introductions that help in streamlining the sales prospecting process at work and
later close sales deals quicker
Increases the sales pipeline velocity by connecting and recognizing the essential decision makers and
Helps in building your network by introducing you to people and organization that are worth networking
Manages your entire business network by assimilating all your contacts and merging them into a single

Allows you to access complete profiles of both companies and individuals for sales prospects
Sales intelligence tools not only help you network and generate new sales contacts but also maintain old contacts.
This in turn results in greater good will along with increased sales.
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