Salient facts about dry mouth

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Summary: Dry mouth could be a problem, so if are experiencing it too often it is better to get it
checked by a dentist.
Many of us are not even aware that dry mouth can be a result of some problem. Some feel that it is
a natural process and a part of being. It is only after they experience a foul smell in their mouth that
the realisation dawns upon them. So, if your mouth goes dry for long hours and if it is quite
frequent, then the best remedy would be to get it checked with a dentist.
Why dry mouth is considered as a problem?
With dry mouth, you would easily face few of the following problems like a sticky as well dry feeling
inside the mouth. This makes it difficult to chew or eat anything, further there will be frequent urge
to drink water as there is no moisture inside. Third thing which might notice and feel is sudden
soreness in the mouth, lips can get cracked and even the sides of the lips are split. The smoothness
of lips goes away and makes one feel really bad.
There are more issues related with redness in the tongue, getting a tingling or burning sensation and
you could even experience soreness in the throat. It is very common to get problems related with
swallowing, bad breath, or speaking as there is continuous dryness in your throat.
You should also be aware of the fact that with dry mouth, you can easily get troubles like gingivitis or
gum disease, infections related with mouth and tooth decay. It is not a healthy sign with regards to
oral care if your mouth is dry for a very long time. So, it is better to get it treated, and lead a healthy
However, before treatment can be started, you need to confirm whether it is a problem or a disease
or just a reaction of some medication. Especially when one goes through radiotherapy, then this is a
very common problem. High dose of any medication can aggravate the problem and give you
discomfort. So, let us find out what could be other reasons for dry mouth;
Common reason could be side effect of medication
Could be a result of certain diseases
Could be cause of any damage to the salivary glands due to various reasons
Could be resultant of dehydration caused by fever, or sweating
Could be a side effect of the damaged nerve near head or the area around neck
If the salivary gland is removed by surgery, then mouth can get dry for many hours.
Drying of mouth is also a result of erratic lifestyle.
Is there any way to treat dry mouth?
Yes, you can get treated for dry mouth problem. The only hiccup can be sufficient information
regarding the problem. There can be delay and deterioration in the dry mouth problem if you are
not aware about it.

If the problem is caused of certain kind of medication, then you should get the dosage altered or
discuss the issue with the doctor. If you wish to have home remedy for dry mouth treatment, then
you can follow following steps;
1. drink lots of water
2. brush your teeth twice daily to avoid tooth decay
3. suck sugar-free sweets or chewing-gums
4. sometimes by a room vapouriser is enough to neutralise the problem
5. you can opt for over-the-counter saliva agents which stimulate the process of producing
saliva in the mouth
6. use your nose to breath rather than your mouth
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