Sample Work

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This is a drawing I just did for fun for my boy
friend. Created with colored pencil, and outlined
in ink.

This was a rough sketch I did for a jazz poster
that would eventually be created out of cut paper.
Entire illustration done in colored pencil.

This was a self portrait I created in Photoshop. It
is made up entirely of letters, numerals, and sym-
bols (ex. enlarged commas used as waves of the
hair, enlarged period used for eyes, commas used
as eyelashes etc.)

This was part of a series of collages I created featuring
places around the world. Each of the collages were hand
done, made up of several images found in magazines, cut out
with an exacto knife, and glued together. This image is of
New York City.

Second image in my collage series. Inspired by

Third image in collage series. Inspired by Las

Fourth image in collage series. Inspired by Baha-
mas or other tropical location.

A lion illustration I created used PrismaColor
colored pencils. Can be seen on the front of my
book cover, posted in the Craigslist ad.

I draw out tattoos for people also. This was a
rough idea I had drawn up for my boy friend,
who wanted to have his last name done. Hand
drawn with ink.

This was a Chinese zodiac drawing I created in
Illustrator. (I am year of the horse).
ulinary Tour
of Florence, Italy
November 1 10th 2010
800 Eat Wel
This was a sample web banner, advertising a
culinary tour in Florence, Italy. It was created in
InDesign, but several of the images were edited
in Photoshop.