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Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
Sundance Media Kit SLOAN Group, NY
Interactive Futures
“She Said Cinema”
Prepress Production
Graphic Production
Media Kit
Project task:
This is a photoshop intensive
Project task:
The IF media kit has a unique,
media kit that involved high
• Prep original film for scanning
• Special effects retouching
signature colored identity that’s com-
resolution scans from 35mm
• Resource stock images for final art
• Layout production & revisions
slides, stock imagery and grada-
plimented by metal ic silver and
• Placement of production art
tions of warm hues. Most of the
• Implement stationary for person-
varnish. We applied two custom die
text on the cover is layered in the
• Implement custom die-lines
cuts for pockets to support the
.psd file. The finished piece was
• Trouble shoot prepress
• Implement custom die-lines
imaged as process plus one spot
IF brochure, sel sheets and business
plate. A custom die-cut was
• Trouble shoot prepress
cards. Special effects were applied in
applied to produce the inside oval
procedures for six color
photoshop to intensify the visuals and
maximize the IF message

Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
Client:RumJungle Restaurant, Vegas
RumJungle Menus
Client: TCI Digital Cable,
Prepress Production
Client: Vanishingpoint Hair Removal Svc
Program Kit
Project task:
Sloan Group was contracted to
Project task:
• Work w/ AD to refine concept
design distinguished menus for
Project task:
• Resource stock image for cover
• Special effects retouching
Execute TCI’s program kit w/ short
the famous Las Vegas Restaurant. • Prep files for six color printing
• Layout production & revisions
deadlines and limited budget
• Trouble shoot prepress procedures
• Implement stationary for personnel
• Resource existing image proper-
ties for reuse w/ distinct style
Tech Note: Logo w/ Flame is
• Collateral brochure & Ads
• Standard production revisions
4/c plus spot color w/ overprint
• Ad resizing for various publications
• Overall prepress procedures
of black on black
for 4/c process of 3 sell
• Overall prepress production
sheets, one envelope and 4
panel brochure

Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
JMJ Production, NY
XEL Media Group
JMJ Production, NY
JMJ Productions, NY
Design Production
Shopping Dist. Brochures
Graphic Production
Catalog Production
Client: OKI Gear
Client: Advantage Bag Company
Project Task:
Client: Fun Line Toys Catalog
Project task:
Project Task:
Two glossy brochures to support
Project task:
Produce exciting 32 page catalog
• Design catalog brochure to
local LDC’s promotion of Bronx,
Assemble LTR size catalog for toy
for shopping bag company.
support the OKI brand
NY shopping districts.
trade marketing of the Fun Line
• 4/4 w/ product incerts
• Scanning of 4x5 transparencies
toy brand.
w/ descriptions
Design using client supplied images
• Draft the layout w/client
• Heavy retouching w/ silos
and illustrations for full color print-
• Four spreads to build 8 page
• Heavy photoshop effects for
and layered elements
ing of gate fold brochures
catalog w/ staple stitching and
motion and color correction
hole punch
• Heavy spread sheet layouts
• Photoshop intensive for special
using Quark XPress tables
effects and silos
• Silo’s & text placement in PhSp

Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
XEL Media Group, NY Benny & Co. Watches
PrimeTime Campaign
Collateral materials
Ad Production
Collateral elements
Project task:
Producedvarioussalesto lsto
• 6 Ft banner for event branding
Client: Benny & Co. Watches
• Sill life photos of watches
sup ort heambas adormarketing
• Table tent cards for event branding
Worked on series of ads to
• Lifestyle photos w/ products
programbetwe nXELMediaand
• Business cards
promote luxury diamond watch
• Graphic design for ad placement
• Postcards
campaign. Print collateral and ad
• Kodak approval proofs
• Sel sheets
placement in trade publications and
• Photo studio session
• 4x6 inch custom publication
• Sales booklets for ambassador
glossy lifestyle publications intended for
• SLR Digital photography
marketing program
multicultural audience. Collateral materi-
• Digital retouching web site
• Graphic design for layout
als for ambassador marketing program
to support the ambassador
• Prepress for ads and print pieces
marketing program

Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
XEL Media Group, NY Joe Rodeo of NY,
XEL Media Group
XEL Media Group, NY
Watch Collection
Graphic Design
Ad Production & Design
Graphic Production
Project task:
Client: Joe Rodeo of New York
Client: LIQUID Magazine
Project task:
Multimedia International Publ.
Joe Rodeo Diamond Watch
• Retouch and silo product images
20 page preview magazine issue
We created a 4x6 inch custom
• Design and layout production
Ad design layout and production
publication to promote the Master
for placement in glossy lifestyle
• Prepress for process separations
Project task:
Piece brand at trade shows and
publications for luxury market.
• Photo Studio production
• Comp construction
lifestyle events. This 20 page
• Cover photo session
booklet presents it’s self as a full
• Press check for printing of cover • Retouch and siloette product
• LIQUID’s insignia creation
color catalog with editorial flare.
• On demand printing/staddle stich
• Kodak approval print
• Image retouching and placement
• Business cards for sales team
• Resize for various publications
• Layout and design
• Prepress production

Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
XEL Media Group, NY
Web Design
Web Design
WEB Design
WEB Production
Client: Felicia Farrar Fashions
Client: Question Mark Ent.
Project task:
Project task:
Project task:
Site design for radio personality
• Simple eCommerce
Design a portfolio site for retail
• Design and build animated site
Wendy William’s celebrity attended • CGI photo gallery script for
presentation and whole sale marketing.
• Implement client supplied images
Dons-Divas event. Design and build
user-friendly upload of (jpeg’s)
• Animation elements using Flash
entertainment web site to pro-
from party photos
• Simple correspondence form
• Logo design
mote and secure ticket sales via
• Event modeling application form
• Basic photo gallery of fashions
• User friendly CGI gallery script Includes animation of
• Catergerized Gallery format
• Event photography coverage
for photo content management
client supplied photos. CGI content
• Digital photography and editing
• Email promotion designs
• Correspondence form
management system for self-serv-
• Email marketing page design
• Email marketing from supplied list
• Flash audio/Theme music
• Email blast to supplied listing
iceable image gallery.

Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
XEL Media Group, NY
Online Fashion
Web Design
Web Design
Web Design
Client: Innovators Fashion Showroom
CLIENT: Style Lounge Fashion Event
Client: Franklin Rowe Fashions
Project task:
Event site w/ online ticket sales
Project task:
New York fashion designer Franklin
• Build online fashion catalog
using Includes Flash
Build a web site w/ online profiles
• Photograph new collections
Rowe requested an online fashion
of current fashion designers repre-
using live models
catalog categorized by gender for
Project task:
sented by the showroom. Flash
• 1k Postcards designed
• Prep original film for scanning
animations, button rollovers and
retail sales. The site promotion was
and printed
• Resource stock images for final art
music during intro.
supported with email marketing and
• Email marketing blast
• Placement of production art
• Flash elements for animation
off-line col ateral materials.
• Online message board posting
• Implement custom die-lines
• Popup windows for profiles
• Trouble shoot prepress procedures
• Email marketing blast

Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
Ad design & Layout
Logo Re-design
Website Development
Website Development
Project task:
Project task:
Project task:
Project task:
• Develop ad for CCNC Las Vegas
• Update current ICCSC insignia
• Template development for CMS
Template development for 2007
• Ad for IEEE’s flagship conference
• Develop variations within parameters
• Coordinate ICCSC conference
Globecom conference website.
• Resource Vegas stock photos
• Emphasize ICCSCs global outreach
information with project managers
Create site template as per marketing
• Match CCNC color scheme
• Composite imaging using Photoshop
directors specification.
• Maintain branding placement
• Research stock photos of Shanghai
• Organization of information
• Prepress production for placement
in Communication Magazine

Dwayne Smith - Portfolio case studies
7 1 8 - 3 9 5 - 7 6 0 7
Urban Fashion Network
Professional Networking Website
Web Development for Social Networking
UFN is a personal project that demonstrates my ecommerce capabilities to
The Washington Heights Businesss Improvement District requested deploy-
fledgling fashion companies who seek reveniew generating website. The site
ment of an online social network to harness and to disimiate information to
is host to over 1600 members and displays event photo coverage of
it’s municipal and business members. The site offers an efficient strategy for
designer presentations. Members engage in discussions within the various
members to collaborate on community projects in a timely manor.
fashion related topic boards. Event coordinators are able to interact with the Project task:
site’s calendar to post event happenings. These announcmets are distributed • Develop a social network for Business Improvement District
by email to opt-in members of the topic board. UFN is enables members to
• Employ media components for community distribution
connect freely, however mass communication by industry occupation requires • Implement group specific access levels with secured areas
a subscription upgrade. Subscriptions are termed every six months; and are
• Include a user-friendly HTML editor for content submissions
based on the industries occupational hierarchy. Access to UFN’s content is
• Install an opt-in newsletter component for community outreach
free; yet requires registration. Login to