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How to Save YouTube Videos to Computer,
iPhone, iPad, Android etc. for Free
3 Simple Ways to Save YouTube Videos (MP4)
YouTube is indeed the wonderland to explore a wide range of videos from funny clips to
movies, music playlists to sports games and more. Sometimes, we expect to save one liked
video to hard drive or devices for a better flexible offline playback but are stopped due to
no direct download service provided on YouTube. So, how to save YouTube videos? This
article is here to introduce 3 ways to save videos (HD MP4) from YouTube to computer and
mobiles with no effort at all.
3 Ways to Save YouTube Videos
Boatloads of tools are pushed out for saving YouTube videos. Some help you realize video
download through website, some are specially designed for browsers and some require you
to install the application on computer.
Way One: Use Online YouTube Video Savers
An online YouTube video saver often refers to a web application available to download
videos from YouTube. There are several famed online savers, like Keepvid, ClipConverter. To
save a YouTube video, these savers require you to copy and paste the video URL to the
textbox on the webpage, then click Download/Start or similar button to fetch download
links. Some can list all possible formats of the video YouTube provides, while some others
only give MP4 option.
Online tools are considered as the most energy-efficient method to save YouTube videos
because they don't need to be downloaded and installed on your computer. On the other
hand, ads interruption and security problem always bother users. Furthermore, not working
issue may be produced resulting from unstable function.
Way Two: Install Browser Add-ons/Extensions
Video DownloaderHelper and (both available for Firefox/Chrome) are
widely-used browser adds-on to save videos from YouTube. After installation, Video
DownloadHelper will automatically detect the video on a YouTube page. Hit the icon on
toolbar of browser and a list of all possible options for downloading will be founded. If you
are using, a download button will be activated on the YouTube video page.
Click it to select SD/HD video to download.
Adhered to browsers, add-ons are easy to install, uninstall or disable so that many users
would like to make use of this handy way to save YouTube videos. But like online YouTube
saver, browser add-ons also experience down, blocked or not working issue frequently.
Way Three: Download Desktop YouTube Downloader
Compared with online YouTube video savers and browser add-ons, desktop YouTube
downloader software boasts its solid performance to save YouTube videos to computer.
Blaze Video Maigc Ultimate is such a perfect program capable of free downloading any
YouTube videos in SD, 720P/1080P HD even 4K/8K/3D (if there is a source) to MP4, FLV, 3GP,
WebM with lossless quality at a super fast speed. Apart from YouTube video download, it
can also save videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine, Facebook, Instagram and other 300+
sites in a few clicks.
Download and install Blaze Video Maigc Ultimate on your Windows (10) computer. Only 3
steps, you can save desired video from YouTube with this program.
1. Launch Blaze Video Maigc Ultimate and hit +link-shaped button. Copy and paste URL of
the target YouTube video to address bar of pop-up window.
2. Click Analyze button to access to video title, duration and options varying from format,
resolution, size and code. Select one option and click OK.
3. Click Browse button to set target folder and then hit Download button to start saving the
YouTube video.
After the download process is completed, you can transfer the saved YouTube video to
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and other devices.
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