Saving the Environment With Green Cleaning

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The pollution level of the earth is
increasing day by day. The governments
of almost all the countries around the
world are spreading this awareness to
encourage their citizens to control
pollution and use environmentally
friendly measures to nullify the damage
already caused. Individuals have also
realized the need and importance of
following these eco-friendly actions to
save the longevity of their planet. It is
true that even small gestures of going
green are making a huge difference.
Green cleaning is one such eco-friendly way of showing that one really cares about the future
of the earth. Most of the bottled cleaning powders and solutions used in our daily lives
contain harmful chemicals and toxins. A number of them release dangerous organic
compounds which are unsafe for both human beings and the natural surroundings. But green
cleaning promotes the use of only those cleaning ingredients that are completely safe for the
This technique of cleaning is fast gaining popularity as it is absolutely harmless for human
health and also does not upset the balance of the environment. It can also express the way
industrial and domestic cleaning products are produced, packaged and circulated. If the
cleaning agents are manufactured in an eco-friendly process and are packed into bio-
degradable packages, they may be validly labeled as "green" products.

This concept of cleaning is not entirely new in many households. The older generations have
been using it for ages because of the simplicity and easy availability of the ingredients.
Materials like vinegar, baking soda, and lemons have been used by our great grandmothers
and grandmothers because they were easily available in homes and were cheaper compared to
the branded products available in the market. These natural products are again being used but
now for a different motive, that is for a greener lifestyle.
However if you do not have much time to spend in using these natural cleaning agents, you
may also opt for commercial cleaners which are not harmful to the environment. These
cleaners avoid the use of chlorine, phosphates, synthetic colors or scent. But they are equally
effective cleaners and leave no detrimental effect on the skin or the atmosphere. There are
certain products which are packed in recyclable packages or make certain contributions of
their earnings for the benefit of the environment.

Daily dish washing and laundering requires the use of a lot of detergents in either powder or
liquid form. It is astonishing to know just how many chemical pollutants are used
unknowingly in almost all homes every day. But a little awareness may help to produce a sea
of difference. Use products that do not use artificial fragrances and are plant based using
substances like palm kernels, corn, coconut oil, or citrus oil. Look for products made of non-
chloride bleach. Clean using borax, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon.
By adapting these simple green cleaning practices in our daily lives, we may be able to do our
part to show our gratitude towards Mother Nature.