SBC Bird Show Rules and Regulations

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General Rules and Regulations:
1. Only duly registered entries are elegible for the competition.
2. SBC reserves the right to introduce some rules of the show including that of
judging as deemed befitted for the benefit of the birds and the owner.
3. The presence or absense of a ring or leg band will have no bearing on the score.
4. Birds are allowed to be fed with seeds and water during the competition.
5. The criteria for judging are left to the expertise , wisdom, honesty and
objectivity of the well-qualified Judge.
6. Judges will score independently of each other and are discouraged to judge
side by side. In this regard, they will be assisted by an assigned SBC member as
to the rotation of designated places.
7. For best objective results and highest accuracy, "Point System" will be used.
8. After thorough computation and deliberation, the results will be final and
9. Awards will be given correspondingly and with much pride by SBC.
First Place Winners shall recieve intricately and master crafted Designer's Trophy by no other than
The Future Natinal Artist and Southern Bird Club President Mr. Jonnel Castrillo.