SCALE has introduced and promoted several Livelihood Programs for Women in rural India!

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SCALE has introduced and promoted several Livelihood Programs for
Women in rural India!
SCALE, one of the most renowned NGO in India has been working for improving the lives of several rural
inhabitants since last 12 years, and has been successful in their efforts to a considerable extent. One of
their major efforts has been introducing and promoting IT education among the villagers who have a
feeble or absolutely no idea about the positive impact of technology in human lives. Under them, almost
5000 people have learnt the basics of computers and can run it at a beginner's level.
SCALE has launched several such Livelihood Programs for Women as well as men in these areas so that
they can induce a different lifestyle among the mass. The NGO has not only established quality training
centers all across the villages of UP and Uttarakhand but have also appointed quality teachers who can
teach these less educated people the fundamentals. With their initiatives the organization has been
successful in improving the communication skills and persona of the rural mass to a level worth praising.
This has given them the opportunity to
be on equal grounds of the urban
population and many of them have got
suitable jobs in state government
organizations and corporate. Some have
also managed to prestigious posts in
schools, training institutes and even
hotel industry outside their area.
Several such candidates have opened
up their own business to run the
livelihood of their families in a proper
way. SCALE as an organization believes
that education is the most powerful tool
that a person can use to improve his / her life. In
many cases, they have found that the male child is allowed to go to the schools but the girl child is
forced to work at home only.
Thus they have taken a great initiative to introduce and promote Girls Education in India starting from
these villages. They have come up with special schools for them so that they can get themselves
educated and opt for a brighter future. With IT education added to their curriculum, these females can
take steps further to a better career than conventional ones. SCALE is associated with several Go Green
projects that they have launched in the remote areas, like using solar lanterns, solar cooker and other
sources of renewable energies in order to meet the daily requirements.
These projects are designed and monitored by the team of experts who also focuses on the employment
opportunity for the men as well as the women of the family. Not only that they have also designed
several health programs which can improve the social lives of these inhabitants. SCALE has also adopted

the new GXT technology that can be used to manufacture biodegradable plastic bags that can be eco
friendly and less harmful to the environment like the ordinary ones.
With the profound usage of these bags villagers can keep the surrounding safe and sound for
themselves and their next generation. One must salute the constant efforts made by the NGO in order
to improve the livelihood of the underprivileged population of the country.