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First Strike Gaming Society
Scarred Lands primer for D&D 4e.
The Story
For time beyond measure, the Titans, powerful primal
progenitors of the world, did as they pleased across the surface of
Scarn: creating, destroying and reshaping the world and its' mortal
inhabitants as they saw fit. It was as it had always been.
But the Gods, children of the Titans, responded to mortal
prayers for deliverance, raising diving armies to march against their
parents, breaking their power, sundering their bodies and hiding the
pieces so the titans would never again be a threat. This war, the war
to end all wars, began with the destruction of Mesos, Sire of
Sorcery, and ended when Denev, the Earth Mother, expended much
of her power in an attempt to heal the wounded land and entered a
This file/printout is meant to serve as a barebones primer,
healing slumber, thus removing the last active Titan from the face
refresher and resource on the Scarred Lands for the First Strike
of Scarn.
Gaming Society of Central Illinois. In no way is it intended as
In the aftermath of the Titanswar, with Scarn scarred and
an infringement on a copyright. If you're not a member but got
damaged, with so many godlings and worshipers slaughtered, the
a copy of this, good for you. I'm sure next you'll want a cookie,
Gods reordered the cosmos, crafted the Pact of Nammul and
thinking you're so clever. Well, you can't have one and, by
withdrew physically to the safety of the Astral Sea, interacting with
Vangal's shaggy testicles, I swear I shall not let this affront to
the broken world through Avatars, Heralds and the prayers they
our noble Order's honor stand a moment longer! That's it,
answer for their mortal worshippers.
punk! You and me, on the playground, by the swing set, after
school. Unless you're too chicken.
The intelligent races of the Scarred Lands openly worship the
eight major deities, and the sole remaining titan Denev, the Earth
- The Ethereal Presence
Mother. Though these deities have begotten many lesser demigods
First Strike Gaming Society DM
and goddesses who are also worshiped, these nine are venerated (or
appeased) above all others.
Scarred Lands and all related material
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Worship of the Gods has real and immediate consequences: they
respond regularly to any of their worshipers, whether favorably or
Dungeons Ampersand Dragons and all related material
not. The smith who fails to have his forge blessed to Corean finds
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that his ironwork shatters under the hammer. The doctor who fails
to draw wards on her medicines, displaying the proper fear and
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respect for Vangal, invites plague upon herself and her patients.
You © The Matrix.
Madriel's voice resounds like a deafening wind through a temple of
farmers who fail to pray for a good harvest.
Seriously, though, I'm just kidding. Don't anybody sue,
Ghelspad, once a land of wealth and high magic, was the main
and I don't care in the slightest who has this file.
Use my mindleavings and notes how you see fit
battlefield, and now, 155 years later, is still seeking sunlight and
and let the rest be on you.
sweet air. Titanspawn, undead, and foes in shadow still threaten
even the strongest city-states and nations, waiting in the shadows
Always remember: There is no Hold Action.
for a chance to restore their primal masters.

The Gods
The Titans
Corean, the Avenger - Son of Kadum and Denev, the ideal Paladin and de facto
Chern, the Scourge, the Last Great Sickness
leader of the pantheon. The Champion is the shining god of Chivalry,
Denev, the Earth Mother
Craftwork, Effort, Strength, Protection and Wisdom. His symbol is four
Gaurak, the Glutton, the Voracious One
longswords forming a compass rose.
Golthagga of the Forge, the Forger, the Shaper
Madriel, the Redeemer - Daughter of Mesos and Mormo, twin sister of Belsameth
Golthain, the Faceless One
and goddess of the Sun. The First Angel of Mercy is the benevolent goddess
Gormoth, the Creator, the Warper, the Writhing Lord
of Light, Redemption, Healing, and Agriculture. Her symbol is a spear with
Gulaben, the Lady of Winds
a peacock feather tassel.
Hrinruuk, the Hunter
Tanil, the Huntress - Daughter of Hrinruuk and Denev, the ultimate champion of the
Kadum Mountainshaker, the Father of Monsters
underdog, queen of stealth and archery. She serves as the independent
Lethene, the Dame of Storms
goddess of Travel, Hunting, Music, Freedom, Good Fortune and skill born
Mesos, the Sire of Sorcery
of practice. Her symbol is three parallel bronze arrows.
Mormo, the Serpentmother
Hedrada, the Lawgiver - Son of Golthain and Denev, the patron of civilization
Thulkas, the Iron Lord
itself. The Judge is the impartial god of Law, Wealth, Order, Cities and
Knowledge. His symbol is a two-handed hammer.
The Demigods
Enkili, the Trickster - Nothing can be certain about the child born of two female
Titans, Lethene and Gulaben, not even his/her gender. S/he is the
Drendari, Mistress of Shadows - Believed to be the daughter of Enkili and a siren,
Stormgoddess and the Lord of Luck, felt in every freak storm or losing
Drendari is the goddess of shadows and something of an outcast among the
streak. A god of cunning and self-confidence as much as blind luck, his/her
goddesses, being the patroness of thieves, spies, rogues and others live by night
symbol is a mask with lightning shooting from the eyes.
and lurk in shadow. Her symbol is a silhouette of a human’s left hand.
Chardun, the Slaver - Son of Mormo and Gormoth, the Great General is the blood-
Erias, Dream Master - Belsameth's distant and imperious son holds dominion over
spattered god of War, Domination, Conquest and Avarice. His symbol is a
dreams, a greater manifestation of his mother's role as Queen of Nightmares, and
blood-soaked golden scepter, crowned with a thorny wreath.
illusions, a gift from his father, Mesos. He is considered a god of prophecy. His
Belsameth, the Slayer - Daughter of Mesos and Mormo, twin sister of Madriel and
symbol is a crescent moon surrounded by a ring of eight stars.
goddess of the Moon. The Assassin is the treacherous goddess of Darkness,
Fraelhia, the Snow Queen - Daughter of Gulaben, half-sister to Enkili, the Lady of
Nightmares, Witchcraft, Murder, Madness and Shapeshifters. Her symbol is
Frosts is worshiped mostly in the coldest places in the world, but is given a
a thin silver circle on black, signifying the lunar eclipse.
healthy respect elsewhere come winter. Her symbol is a perfect snowflake.
Vangal, the Reaver - Firstborn of the gods, and possibly the stongest, birthed from
Goran, Patron of Burok Torn - An earth god said to be a son of Corean, the dwarf god
the terrible union of Thulkas, Lethene and Chern. The Ravager is the violent
had half his beard torn off by Nathalos during the Titanswar. He leads his
god of Destruction, Famine, Bloodshed, Disaster, Pestilence and Plague. His
followers to make war against the titanspawn and, more frequently, the dark
symbol is a cloven shield dripping blood.
elves. His symbol is two handaxes, set handle to handle, blades opposite.
Hwyrdd, the Rogue - A diminutive god of protection and luck born of a union
between Denev and the god Enkili, Hwyrdd serves as patron to the halflings and
The Calendar
gnomes, and is a trickster to rival his father. His symbol is an acorn.
Following the Titanswar, the Gods reordered the cosmos, setting even the
Idra, the Sensual - One of the spurring causes of the Titanswar was Hrinruuk's savage
stars in new zodiac constellations to match their designs.
attack on his own daughter, Tanil. Another result of this attack was the birth of
A year on Scarn consists of 400 days. In the AV (After Victory) calendar, it is
the goddess Idra, who quickly came of age as the lascivious goddess of sex,
beauty, passionate love, physical affection, prostitutes and, to a lesser extent,
divided into 16 months, each honoring two aspects of the eight divinities. Each
secrets. Her symbol is a grail with a dagger resting in it, point down.
month has 25 days, two weeks of eight days and one week of nine. The days are:
Jandaveos, the Elflord - A god of magic, art and war born of Mormo and a fae lord,
Corday, Madraday, Taniday, Hedraday, Wildday, Charday, Belsaday and Vanday.
Jandaveos was brutally murdered during the Titanswar, his very memory erased.
The final week of each month holds the extra day of Denday, also called
That Which Abides only recently returned to life, rebuilding his temples, again
Landsday, to honor Denev.
blessing and teaching his once forsaken people. His symbol is a golden leaf
Scarn has two moons, but only one is granted a name. The orb called
sprouting from a golden braid of hair.
Belsameth’s Moon passes through a full cycle every 25 days.
Manawe, Mother of Oceans - Born of Mormo's dalliance with a djinn of water, the sea
goddess raises and lowers the waters in honor (or fear) of her half-sister,
The second moon is called the Nameless Orb or the Grey Moon when it is
Belsameth. She is patron of those who depend on the ocean or rivers, or those
called anything. Corean decreed that the moon should not be named or
simply seeking clean water. Her symbol is a tri-pronged seaclaw.
mentioned, and it is considered a symbol of death and ill omen. Its cycle is four
Nalthalos, the Golem God - The god of the dark elves, his own body poisoned during
months plus one day. Every six and one-quarter years the two moons are full on
the Titanswar, he lives now imprisoned in a mighty golem body. Supposedly
the same night, widely considered to be a time of catastrophic events, horror and
once a god of light, Nathalos has been bitter and dark since Goran abandoned
disaster. On such nights, people pray behind locked doors, and even the brave
him during the Titanswar. His symbol is a stylized black serpent, laid horizontal,
and wise feel a deep sense of unease and fear.1
its body rising and falling in waves.
Nemorga, the Grey King - The longsword-wielding god of the deaths that must be,
and the deaths that simply are; the Executioner is the shepherd that guides each
Corot - The month of strength.
Chardot - The month of war.
errant soul to the destination it has earned and the guardian of the gateways. His
Ursos, the Bear
Destrios, the Warhorse
symbol is a book with a sheathed sword as a bookmark.
Tanot - The month of hunting.
Madrot - The month of the radiant sun.
Otossal, the Bone Master - No one can be sure of the origins of the god of undeath,
Lycaeus, the Wolf
Khepira, the Scarab
primarily because he is mostly worshiped by madmen, necromancers and
Enkilot - The month of storms.
Hedrot - The month of wealth.
psychotic cultists. A twisted, evil god who revels in death, his mortal servants
Rukha, the Roc
Imperatus, the Emperor
profess to hate that they remain alive, but tolerate it so they can carry out their
Belot - The month of death.
Vangalot - The month of disasters.
master’s will. His symbol is a horned demon’s skull.
Sikklos, the Scythe
Drachys, the Dragon
Sethris, the Spider Queen - Belsameth's failure of a daughter, spiteful Sethris holds
dominion over spiders and retribution. Her symbol is the silhouette of a curved
silver dagger on a black circle, covered in a silver spiderweb.
Charder - The month of servitude. Taner - The month of good fortune.
Subastas, the Strict - Born of the grotesque union of Mormo and a sultan of the genie
Charys, the Siren
Delphos, the Dolphin
courts of fire, Subastas is the demigod of flame, the harsh survivalist law of the
desert, and of fair (or unfair) trade. His symbol is a set of balanced scales: one
Madrer - The month of harvest.
Belsamer - The month of darkness.
side holding a ball of fire, the other a pile of gold coins.
Astarra, the Mother
Vespis, the Bat
Syhana, the Cloudmaiden - Madriel's butterfly-winged daughter, an air goddess, queen
Enker - The month of travel.
Hedrer - The month of protection.
of the rainbows and bright fae. A peaceful goddess worshiped as the lady of
Kylos, the Wheel
Turros, the Tower
white clouds, clear skies and gentle rains. Her symbol is a rainbow.
Corer - The month of crafting.
Vanger - The month of pestilence.
The Flayed God - Few worship but many fear the divinity known only as the Flayed
Malneus, the Hammer
Nekheros, the Vulture
God, his name and sanity scoured away in the same explosion that shredded his
body. A god of pain and revenge, his symbol is a scourge.

What Can I Do In A Round?
A Short Rest lasts about five minutes. At the end of a
Short Rest, you can spend as many Healing Surges as
Start of Turn - Deal Ongoing Damage; Heal from Regeneration; End Effects that
Acrobatics (Dex)
you'd like. A Short Rest renews Encounter powers.
end at the Start of Turn.
Arcana (Int)
Athletics (Str)
An Extended Rest is at least six hours long. You must
Turn -
One Standard, One Move, One Minor
Bluff (Cha)
wait 12 hours between Extended Rests. An Extended Rest
One Standard, Two Minor
Diplomacy (Cha)
renews Encounter and Daily powers, reset Action Points
Two Move, One Minor
Dungeoneering (Wis)
to 1, restore all HP and Healing Surges.
One Move, Two Minor
Endurance (Con)
Three Minor
Heal (Wis)
Passive Check
Active Check
End of Turn - Make Saving Throws against effects that can end; End effects that
History (Int)
10 + ½ Level + Ability
d20 + ½ Level + Ability
aren't Sustained; End Effects that end at End of Turn.
Insight (Wis)
Intimidate (Cha)
Hit Points represent more than physical endurance. They represent your skill, luck,
Nature (Wis)
Unarmed Attack [Punches, Kicks, Headbutts] (+0, 1d4)
and resolve - all the factors that combine to help you stay alive.
Perception (Wis)
Improvised Weapon between 1-5 lbs. (+0, 1d4)
- 1/2 of your total HP is your Bloodied Value.
Religion (Int)
Improvised Weapon between 6-12 lbs. (+0, 1d8)
- 1/4 of your total HP is your Healing Surge Value.
Stealth (Dex)
Improvised Thrown Weapon (+0, 1d4; Range 5/10)
- At 0 hp or below, you're unconscious and/or dying.
Streetwise (Cha)
Unwieldy Thrown Weapon (-2, 1d6; Range 3/6)
- Once your HP reaches your Bloodied Value as a negative number, you're dead.
Thievery (Dex)
Use Power, Item or Skill
- Activate power, action varies.
Basic Melee Attack
- Strength vs AC; 1[W] + Strength modifier damage. Standard Action.
Basic Ranged Attack
- Dexterity vs AC; 1[W] + Dexterity modifier damage. Standard Action.
Bull Rush
- Strength vs Fortitude, no weapon mods; Push target 1 square, shift into vacated space. No AoO. Standard Action.
Aid Another
- Target an adjacent enemy and choose one ally.
- Attack: Strength vs AC 10; Grant ally +2 on next attack roll on target or +2 to all defenses against target's next attack. No AoO. Standard
- Skill or Ability: DC 10 Ability or Skill check grants +2 to ally on same skill. Standard Action.
- Strength vs Reflex, no weapon mod; immobilizes target until it is released or escapes. Sustain minor, end free. No AoO. Standard Action.
- Move Grabbed Target: Strength vs Fortitude; move ½ speed. Provokes AoO. Standard Action.
- Strength - 5 vs Reflex, no weapon mod. Knocks target's weapon from their grip. Standard action.
- Strength - 5 vs Reflex, no weapon mod. Knocks target prone. Standard action.
Total Defense
- +2 to all Defenses until next turn. Standard action.
Second Wind
- Spend Healing Surge, heal surge value, +2 to all Defenses until next turn. 1/Encounter, Standard action.
- Move Speed. Provokes AoO. Move action.
- Move Speed + 2, -5 to attack rolls. Grants Combat Advantage, provokes AoO. Move action.
- Move 1 square, no AoO. Move action.
- Move half speed when prone. Provokes AoO. Move action.
Stand Up
- Stand from prone in empty square or shift to empty square and stand. No AoO. Move action.
- Move straight at least 2 squares before basic attack or bull rush with +1 bonus. Provokes AoO. Standard Action. Ends turn.
- Acrobatics vs Reflex or Athletics vs Fortitude; end grab and can shift. No AoO. Move action.
Retrieve or Stow Item
- No AoO. Minor Action.
- You grant combat advantage. You can’t see any target (targets have total concealment). You take a –10 penalty to Perception checks. You can’t flank.
- You grant combat advantage. You can take either a standard action, a move action, or a minor action on your turn (you can also take free actions). You
can’t take immediate actions or opportunity actions. You can’t flank an enemy.
- You can’t hear anything. You take a –10 penalty to Perception checks.
- You’re dazed. The dominating creature chooses your action. The only powers it can make you use are at-will powers.
- You’re unconscious. You’re at 0 or negative hit points. You make a death saving throw every round.
- You grant combat advantage. You can be the target of a coup de grace.
- You can’t move from your space, although you can teleport and can be forced to move by a pull, push, or slide.
INSUBSTANTIAL - You take half damage from any attack that deals damage to you. Ongoing damage is also halved.
- You take a –2 penalty to attack rolls for any attack that doesn’t target the creature that marked you.
- You have been turned to stone. You can’t take actions. You gain resist 20 to all damage. You are unaware of your surroundings. You don’t age.
- You grant combat advantage to enemies making melee attacks against you. You get a +2 bonus to all defenses against ranged attacks from nonadjacent
enemies. You’re lying on the ground. (If you’re flying, you safely descend a distance equal to your fly speed. If you don’t reach the ground, you
fall.) You take a –2 penalty to attack rolls. You can drop prone as a minor action.
- You grant combat advantage. You’re immobilized. You can’t be forced to move by a pull, a push, or a slide. You take a –2 penalty to attack rolls.
- Your speed becomes 2. This speed applies to all movement modes, but not teleportation or to a pull, a push, or a slide. You can’t increase your speed
above 2, and your speed doesn’t increase if it was lower than 2. If you’re slowed while moving, stop moving if you have already moved 2 or
more squares.
- You grant combat advantage. You can’t take actions. You can’t flank an enemy.
- You grant combat advantage. You can’t take actions, other than free actions. You can’t flank an enemy.
- You’re helpless. You take a –5 penalty to all defenses. You can’t take actions. You fall prone, if possible. You can’t flank an enemy.
- Your attacks deal half damage. Ongoing damage you deal is not affected.2
Starting on the turn after you create an
Critical Hits and Failures - A roll of 20 Dying - When your hit points drop to 0 or fewer, you fall unconscious and are dying.
effect that can be sustained, you sustain
are a critical if they score high enough
Any additional damage you take continues to reduce your current hit point total. When
the effect by taking the indicated action: a
to hit; if not, they still hit. Criticals deal
you take damage that reduces your current hit points to your bloodied value expressed
standard, move, or minor action. (You can maximum damage, plus other effects.
as a negative number, your character dies. Healing is always applied as if your hit
sustain an effect once per turn.) A
Coup de Grace is automatically a
points were at 0.
power’s description indicates what
critical. A roll of 1 always misses.
Death Saving Throw - When you are dying, you need to make a saving throw at the
happens when you sustain it or let it
Saving Throws - At the end of your turn,
end of your turn each round.
lapse. At the end of your turn, if you
you make an individual saving throw
Lower than 10: Failure. Fail three times, even non-consecutively, you die.
haven’t spent the required action to
against each effect that can end. 1d20,
10–19: No change.
sustain the effect, the effect ends.
10 or higher succeeds.
20 or higher: Success! Spend a healing surge. You are conscious but still prone.

So long as you are able to attack and can see your opponent, you can make an
Continents of Scarn
Opportunity Attack if an adjacent enemy uses a ranged or area attack power, or leaves
Ghelspad is temperate, the primary battlefield of the Titanswar. Its east
a square adjacent to you. You can’t make an Opportunity Attack if the enemy shifts,
coast touches the tainted Blood Sea, where chained, heartless Kadum
teleports or is forced to move away by a pull, a push, or a slide.
still bleeds. Worship of the gods is strong here, but the many enemies of
the Divine Races are strong, too. And growing stronger.
DIFFICULT TERRAIN - Rubble, undergrowth,
Termana is tropical, a land of jungles and swamps and the Carnival of
shallow bogs, steep stairs, and other impediments are
Deep Speech
Shadows. Many Primal things thrive in the lands least touched by the
gods. The lands of the once-forsaken elves lay in the north, Charduni
difficult terrain that hamper movement.
dwarves to the south, and further south still hide the gnomes and fae of
? Costs 1 Extra Square: Each square of difficult
the Gamulgangus jungle.
terrain you enter costs 1 extra square of movement.
Asherak, once fertile, is desert now. The cradle of the gods and still the
? Ending Movement: If you don’t have enough
stronghold of their power on Scarn, Asherak was razed by the Titans in
movement remaining to enter a square of
an attempt to defeat the Gods by cutting off their power source.
difficult terrain, you can’t enter it.
The Dragon Lands were the first home of Dragons and their lesser progeny,
the Kobolds and Dragonborn, and now serve as such again.
Fenrilik is arctic, a frozen sheet of ice and rock at the roof of the world.3
(5xSpeed) Miles/Day | ½Speed Miles/Hour | (Speed x 50)'/Minute | Speed Squares/Round
One Gold Piece (GP) weighs 1/50 lbs. (? .32 oz)
An adventurer can handle up to three weeks without food, three Typical Food Costs
and is Equal to:
days without water, and three minutes without air outside of
Common Meal
2 SP
100 Copper Pieces (CP)
strenuous situations. After that, such deprivation is a
Common Meal with Meat
5 SP
10 Silver Pieces (SP)
significant test of stamina. At the end of the time period, the
Fine Meal
2 GP
1/100th of a Platinum Piece (PP)
character must succeed on a DC 20 Endurance check. Success Feast
5 GP
1/10,000th of an Astral Diamond (AD)
buys another day (if hungry or thirsty), or round (if unable to
Flagon of Mead or Ale
1 SP
breathe). Each failed check increases the DC by 5.
Pitcher of Mead or Ale
3 SP
Standard Adventurer’s Kit (25 GP, 25 lbs.): Backpack, When a character fails the check, he loses one healing surge and Draught of Good Alcohol
5 SP
Bedroll, Flint and Steel, 50' Hemp Rope, Torch,
must continue to make checks. With no healing surges, a
Knife, Simple Mess Kit, Waterskin
Standard Rations (1 Day/1 lb.)
5 SP
failed check causes damage equal to character level.
Luxury Rations (1 Day/2 lbs.)
1 GP
Residuum is a fine, silvery dust that some describe as
Journeybread (1 Day/.02 lb.)
5 GP
In strenuous situations, going without air is much harder. A
concentrated magic. 10,000 gp worth of residuum
character holding his breath during underwater combat, for
Common Room
2 SP
weighs as much as a single gold piece and takes up
example, must make a DC 20 Endurance check at the end of
Typical Inn Room
5 SP
only slightly more space, so 1 pound of residuum is
his turn in a round where he takes damage.
Luxury Inn Room
2 GP
worth 500,000 gp and fits in a belt pouch.
Every character may select one Background element associated with their
history. Categories: geography, society, birth, occupation, and racial.
Divine PC Races
? Gain a +2 bonus to checks with a skill associated with your background.
Add a skill associated with your background to your class’s skills list
before you choose your trained skills.
Dwarves (Mountain or Charduni)
Choose one language connected to your background. You can speak, read,
and write that language fluently.
Elves (High/Forsaken [Eladrin], Wood or Dark)
The ability of the Divine Races to call upon the gods can be said to be one of
the reasons behind their victory in the Titanswar: every follower of the
Divine is literally a breath away from their gods' ears.
Praying to a god is a Minor Action that involves verbally invoking a specific
deity to aid in a task. Should the invocation be successful, the petitioner gains
a benefit of +1 to +3 to a subsequent roll under that god's purview.
The more closely a prayer matches a god's portfolio, the more likely (and
stronger) the response. For instance, praying to Tanil while firing a bow
might illicit a +1 to a ranged attack roll, while praying to Tanil while hunting
Lycanthropes is more likely to gain a +3 (and possibly other benefits,
The gods choose which prayers to answer: fickle or idle prayers often go
Titanspawn PC Races
unanswered. The gods will assist only so much; they do not desire to coddle
their followers. They may only be invoked to gain a benefit a maximum of 3
times between Extended Rests (4 times at 11th, 5 at 21st).
At their core, most mortals are pragmatic and understand that the gods are
forces best left unprovoked and, more likely, given their due. While many
people generally have one particular god or another whose ideal coincide
with their own, few wish to court divine disfavor. Merchants thank Tanil for
good fortune on their way to the marketplace; a barber covers his patient's
heart so Vangal won't see him while he applies leeches; even a priest of
“Titanspawn” is a bit of a misnomer: the phrase is actually slang that refers
Chardun leaves a copper coin on the forehead of a deceased child to pay
to any race that primarily worships the Titans, or is believed to worship the
Belsameth for the child's passage into the realm of the dead. None of these,
nor myriad other minor customs tie individuals to any single god, but are
Titans, not just creatures literally created by them.
simply seen as a way of life in the Scarred Lands. Knowing that many gods
play at their divine games is the key to offending none of them.

Martial – (Exploits) The strength to fight, the cunning to know where
Divine – (Prayers) A power that comes only from the Gods, Divine power
and how and when-not to strike, all without magic or divine intervention.
is the answer to the prayers of the faithful. While anyone can pray to the
Martial power is the most common of all, every farmer with a sickle, every Victors are receive a boon, training and devotion can render one capable of
cutpurse in a back alley, every hunter who stings a bow, whether in service
true miracles.
to god, titan or their own hungry stomachs. Each can use it, but true
martial prowess comes from constant effort and training.
Avenger - Almost every god has their own order of Avengers, little more
than assassins divinely empowered to carry out the will of their church and,
Fighter - Fighters do one thing: fight. Skilled or not, wherever they
thereby, that of their god. Belsameth's Avengers form an elite cadre of
come from, however they learned, they are the footmen, the guards, the
assassins devoted to the goddess of murder, while Madriel has her own order,
soldiers and the children of soldiers.
committed to the destruction of undead and the preservation of life.
Ranger - In a world still ravaged by the Titanswar, it takes a lot of skill
Cleric - Each of the gods, without exception, empowers Clerics with
to survive in the wilderness. Whether knowledge passed down from Tanil-
power beyond most of their other servants; each Cleric is closer to his god
herself or simple hard-won woodcraft, Rangers make their livings in a
than most people could imagine. While Clerics can, and do, act in opposition
hostile land teeming with titanspawn and aberrations.
to their god's will, the gods warn of their displeasure and have been known to
Rogue - Thieves, cutthroats, leg-breakers, street rats. Whatever you
sever their connection with a disobedient follower.
call them, they are what they do and they come from everywhere, all races
Invoker - Invokers wield the raw power of the divine through the Pact of
and all walks of life.
Nammul; the same pledge that binds the gods' détente empowers their most
Warlord - Young born leaders or the grizzled veterans of many
powerful followers on Scarn. Invokers lack a Cleric's close connection to
campaigns, the lucky and the inspiring, many warrior traditions were born
their god, but have complete access to the divine power they wield.
out of the Titanswar, and many are far more ancient than that. Warlords
Paladin - Warriors in service to the gods, many think only Corean can
often have only two things in common: the will to succeed and the ability
create true Paladins. In truth, each god can and does select their own
to inspire others to fight with them.
Paladins; Corean's are merely the most formidable and numerous, as befits
the god of Chivalry. Chardun's Blackguards, Madriel's Order of the Morning
Sky, many of Vangal's Reavers, the fox-blessed Huntresses of Tanil, even
Arcane – (Spells) The world itself is infused with Arcane power, though Enkili's 'order' of Stormchasers; all are fully empowered Paladins.
tainted by Mesos' Curse. Use of arcane magical power on Scarn brings on
a flush of warmth. Some spellcasters use this warmth to their own
advantage, but it tends to make heavy clothing uncomfortable. Many
Primal – (Evocations) Born of the world, Primal power is inexorably tied
believe the use of Arcane power threatens to bring Mesos back to life.
to the Titans. To draw upon it is to invite some aspect of the world to use you
as a conduit to complete a task, from some fraction of the power of one of the
Artificer - Artificers are rare these days, though some still practice the
great Titans to the ability of the lowest rat spirit. Most users of Primal power
craft. Calastia is known to train and use Artificers, as do the Elves, who
serve the Titans, though some serve Denev or Tanil or the Beastlords, using
have long memories, and the Dwarves of Burok Torn, weaving their rune
only nature spirits rather than the deep well of Primal power that is a Titan.
magic into objects.
Bard - Bards are popular everywhere, and there are many bardic
Barbarian - In the wild places of the world, Barbarians thrive, warriors
traditions, most rely on using the arcane power suffused through the world
who invite spirits into them that they might use their power and unleash their
to amplify the force of their personality. Many of their spells are minor,
rage to destroy all that lays before them. The Barbarian is common among the
feats of healing or forcing their will onto another, but some can call up
Titanspawn, less so, but not unknown, among the Divine Races.
violent elements to lash at their foes in a show of arcane power few but the
Druid - Druids draw on Primal power to conjure aspects of nature, from
bravest are willing to show off.
summoning rain to throwing bolts of lightning to taking animal forms. They
Sorcerer - The stories explaining the existence of the Sorcerer are
call the wild their home, capable of running with a wolf pack, speaking with
many and varied, from the blood of dragons to the taint of the titans to the
the most ancient trees, and watching thunderstorms from atop the clouds
will of the dead goddess Miridum. None know for sure, but most Sorcerers themselves.
are quick to either master and use their talents for their own gain or hide
Shaman - Ritually opened to the spirits, Shamans command powerful
them utterly. Belsameth fosters some into uncovering their inborn
spirit guides, and through them lead their allies. These nature spirits bolster
witchcraft, while Hedrada councils those so tainted to find peace in his
their allies’ attacks and offer protection and healing when needed.
Warden - Wardens often feel called to defend something in the world,
Swordmage - The term “Swordmage” is misleading, as these mages
drawing Primal power with every breath. Heeding such calls in the past has
are not limited to swords, or even to bladed weapons. Swordmages study
created some of the most powerful, most misguided servants of the Titans.
and practice for years to master the arcane arts and apply those talents to
True Wardens, or Wardens in service to Denev or Golthain can prove to be
melee combat, combining academic study with endless hours of physical
powerful forces for good.
training. The flourish of a swordmage’s blade not only bites with steel, but
also with fire, lightning, or other powerful forces.
Warlock - As mortals hunger for power, there are entities that will
Psychic – (Devotions) A power beyond most mortals, some occasionally
grant it for a price. Warlocks willingly make that bargain, for whatever
have their minds opened to this antithetical power through contact with
reason. Calastia has a tradition with devils, Shelzar's djinn-summoners are
ancient Slarecian artifacts. The Slarecians (indeed, many other psionic
infamous, and even the fae in Tanil's or Syhana's thrall have been know to
entities) were wiped out by the Gods and Titans centuries before the
grant their capricious blessings to some, as do other, stranger things.
Titanswar. Those few beings with natural psionic talents that remain on Scarn
Wizard - Nearly every civilization on Scarn has a tradition of
were either extremely well hidden, or fled the world entirely to hide on other
wizardry; the wonders it can produce are infinite, as are those willing to
planes. Knowledge of psionics is extremely limited in the Scarred Lands.
use it. Thankfully, or unfortunately, those smart and tough enough to learn
the magical arts are relatively few.4




The Dragon Lands