Scheduled Auto Maintenance Can Extend a Car’s Life

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Scheduled Auto Maintenance Can Extend a Car's Life
Most people depend on their cars to get to work every day and for basic transportation
needs. If the car is unavailable in the shop for an extended period of time, this can lead
to paying for a rental car or making other travel arrangements. There are some Boulder
and Longmont, CO auto repair shops who can advise people on proper scheduled
maintenance to keep their cars running smoothly. Even in the event of a breakdown,
these shops offer complete repair service to get cars back on the road. Wherever one
lives it can pay to get into the habit of fol owing up with scheduled auto maintenance.
Doing so can reduce the chance of unexpected repair bills.
A typical car maintenance schedule involves addressing repairs and parts replacement
on a monthly or mileage basis. These maintenance tasks include changing the oil every
3,000 miles, changing the oil and filter every 6 months and ensuring that the battery,
brakes, fluids and transmission filter are checked and changed at least once per year.
Yearly is also a good time to get a chassis lube job.
On an ongoing basis there are many other points to check such as battery cables and
tire pressure. All of these maintenance checks and parts replacements can be taken
care of by an experienced auto repair shop. Often auto repair shops run sales for
various services such as muffler replacement, tire rotation and oil changes. It's a good
idea to keep an eye out for these sales. Many repair shops will alert customers to
specials by posting them on their websites or on social networks. A number of shops
offer Facebook only coupons and discounts.
If one owns a new car it likely can be serviced at the dealer. If one owns a used car
there are a variety of repair shops available that can do the job, in addition to some
dealers. Many people like to go with a name brand auto service chain, but some
research can uncover some of the local shops that may be less expensive. It can pay to

ask friends who they take their cars to, and Twitter and online reviews can uncover
some of the more reliable local auto service centers.
Finding a dependable local auto repair shop can make it easier to get scheduled
maintenance taken care of fast. A good local auto service center wants to build a long
term relationship with its customers. It's in the auto shop's best interest to keep people
apprised of upcoming maintenance service so the car can be worked on regularly. Car
owners can watch for package deals that include several services for one low price.
Some of these packages even offer mail-in rebates to save more money. While it may
take some time to find the best local service center, a little diligence by a car owner can
result in years of trouble-free driving.
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