Scosche ipnrfc wireless car rf remote for i pod, kindle edition 5 star review

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  1. Scosche IPNRFC Wireless Car RF Remote for iPod Awesome iPod RF Remote for Car Features: * Made for any ipod with dock connector * Over 100 feet wireless control * Control track FFW/BWD, volume, play/pause,playlist, shuffle play * Includes steering wheel mounting strap * Includes audio/video cables for car or home This product does just as it says it is supposed to do. I have and iPod Classic 80 gb and it works perfectly. I teach aerobics classes and I use it to change through my songs without having to keep walking to the stereo. I haven't tested the 150 ft but it has a very nice range on it thus far. It does switch through the playlist (of course you need to familiarize yourself with your playlist). It controls the volums and has a button that you can randomize through songs. I don't know how I made it without this remote. It comes with the remote control, remote control stand (holder), remote slave (I guess you would call it that) that goes in the bottom of the iPod, audio cable and steering wheel strap.
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