Scrubblade Inc. Markets Advanced Windshield Wiper Blade

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Scrubblade Inc. Markets Advanced Windshield Wiper Blade
Top-rated wiper blade maker says new PLATINUM SCRUBBLADE wiper blade out-
performs rivals in independent tests.

Temecula, CA-- Scrubblade Inc., whose specialty windshield wiper blades are a favorite
with Heavy Duty and automotive publications worldwide, reports it has begun
marketing a next-generation line of wiper blades.

"Our new PLATINUM SCRUBBLADE wiper blade incorporates significant design
advances," says Bill Westbrook, SCRUBBLADE's chief executive officer. "An independent
lab comparison showed that the new PLATINUM SCRUBBLADE easily outperforms
leading competitors."
He notes that the prestigious Akron Rubber Development Labs found the PLATINUM
SCRUBBLADE to outperform other top brands by over fifty percent in road debris
removal tests.
"The new PLATINUM SCRUBBLADE's superior scrubbing system removes rain and road
debris simultaneously, providing optimum all-weather visibility," Westbrook says.
"Thicker hinge design also provides resistance to cracking & splitting, and all
SCRUBBLADES are nano-coated to ensure quiet, smooth, chatter-free wipes and added
blade longevity."

Westbrook adds that the PLATINUM SCRUBBLADE frame provides superior performance
during ice and snow build up, and that the new PLATINUM SCRUBBLADE comes with
adapters to fit over 99% of all vehicles.
SCRUBBLADE wipers also received the Popular Mechanics 2011 SEMA Editor's Choice
Award during that year's Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) held in Las
In addition to the various SCRUBBLADE wipers, SCRUBBLADE also markets SCRUBBLADE
WIPER FLUID TABLETS, an environmentally friendly cleaning solution that captured an
AAPEX Making it Better award.
For more information on Scrubblade Inc. and its advanced technology products visit
their website at or phone (855) 727-8221. Testing
performed by Akron Rubber Development Labs, contact - 330-794-6600.
Donald Westbrook
Scrubblade Inc
Temecula, California
[email protected]