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The Press Release of "SEO Master Using
the Power of WordPress" eBook & Paperback
SEO Expert Shows You How to Get Your Website on Google's First Results Page.
A step by step and easy to follow guidebook that will place your website in the
first page of Google's Search Results Page.
October 16, 2012
Having a website built is one thing, but getting people to actually visit it, is a total-
ly different and hard to achieve task. SEO Master Using the Power of WordPress is a
guidebook that provides you will all the advanced techniques, that when applied
to a website, turn any website into Google's favorite page.
Whether you already own a website or are on the process of building one now,
this book will reveal you all the methods that will rank your page in the high-
est possible position in Google's SERP. Even if you are a novice user of the internet, by following the step by step
instructions given in this book, you will turn your website into the most popular page in its category and get more
Konstantinos Kreouzis, the author of the book explains the reasons that lead him to write this guidebook, "as a web
designer, my clients kept asking me how they could get their sites to appear in the first pages of Google's Search
Results Page, so I decided to write down all the things I have learned through the fifteen year of experience I have
obtained, by working in the web design field".
SEO Master Using the Power of WordPress is a book easy to read and understand illustrated with more than 200
screenshots that explain the entire process with the use of easy to follow instructions that can be applied by any-
The author of SEO Master Using the Power of WordPress is a famous internet guru who managed to discover the
secrets of ranking high, using the power of SEO. In just a couple of months, the readers of the book can get their
websites on the first search pages on Google. Since he discovered the right methods that Google loves, he gained
an increased popularity among internet and affiliate marketers and is seen as an authority figure in the SEO world.
SEO Master Using the Power of WordPress is certainly the best SEO method on the market. Its unique features are
compatible with the latest Penguin and Panda updates. Website owners that read SEO Master Using the Power of
WordPress can use it as a tool to increase the rankings of their search engine positions very quickly. This way you
can have more visitors and a higher rate of sales conversions.
"My goal was to make it possible for everyone to create and manage a website which is not lost someplace in the
infinite universe of the internet, but on the contrary a webpage popular, with tones of visitors and traffic."
The author is available for interviews, questions and discussions on his personal website at www.seomasterword- Book reviewers may request a review copy of the book by contacting the author.
The book is published in paperback format by, and is also available in ebook format in major retail-
ers, including iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Ingram, Lulu, Baker & Taylor,
Gardner's Books and others.
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