Searching for the Right eDiscovery Vendor

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Searching for the Right eDiscovery Vendor

Organizations involved in litigation cases can find themselves in a precarious situation because
eDiscovery procedures can upset the budget when not handled correctly. eDiscovery is a complex
process involving the identification, collection, preservation and retention of ESI. If this process is not
handled in an organized manner it can lead to negative and worthless results. An eDiscovery vendor can
provide respite to organizations with their expertise and help build a strong case. Thus the selection of
the right vendor is extremely important. Know more on ediscovery litigation support
There are many vendors out there who offer every possible service. Most organizations choose vendors
on the basis of how economical they are, which is definitely not a wise way to make a decision. To
choose a vendor you need to assess their capabilities. How do you assess their qualities? Here are some
pointers that will help you choose your eDiscovery vendor.

Track Record
An experienced vendor who has achieved a fair amount of success will be best suited for this task. Those
with high levels of expertise are thorough in their knowledge of the complexities of eDiscovery search
scenarios, and during their tenure they have achieved the knack to handle all kinds of situations.

Seeing Is Believing
The best way to judge the credibility of an eDiscovery vendor is by paying a visit to their office. Here you
will get a clear picture of the number of staff they have, the kind of resources that are available and
whether they handle cases personally or sub-contract their services partly or wholly.

Nothing works better than conducting background checks by contacting the clients they have already
served. From the experiences related by the clients you can gauge the capability of the vendor.

Selection According to Your Needs
Before starting your search for a good vendor make an assessment of your requirements. If it is a simple
case then you need not employ the services of an expert who is renowned for handling complex cases.
Some vendors profess to extend all support services for electronic disclosure. Your choice of vendors
should be based on their area of expertise rather than relying on someone proffering overall services.

Being inquisitive is a good approach. You should ask your vendor about the methodology that they plan
to implement. They should satisfy you with their answers regarding how data will be harvested, sorted
and processed. Make enquiries regarding their pricing and the level of technical expertise they have at
their disposal. You should also know whether they use any proprietary or non-proprietary software and
what back-up strategies and storage policies they have in place.
You will save up on costs and also ensure a favorable decision for your case if you take the time and
effort to actually pick the right eDiscovery vendor for the right reasons.
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