Secure Remote Access – Need for Secure Remote Access Solutions

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Secure Remote Access - Need for Secure Remote Access Solutions

Today with high-technological solutions at one end and increased work opportunities on the other, the
economy is certainly waking up to the concept of mobile workforce or mobile employees. As a result, to
provide this group with adequate resources a strong and consistent technological back up and support
services needs to be provided. Welcome to secure remote access solutions that allow home workers,
customers, mobile employees, extranet partners and approved users to avail crucial business resources
and applications as and when required. This helps in maximizing the overall productivity.
Simultaneously, this is an excellent business continuity solution that helps a person to combat any
emergency or unforeseen problems, because of which an employee might not be able to reach office.
Today the percentage of mobile workforce has increased. As a result, more employees are using
business applications across a wider mix of equipments. Hence, it is imperative to choose secure remote
access solution that addresses various key considerations. Some of them are listed below-
Employees do not always have or own the access to corporate managed equipments. Therefore,
they should be able to securely avail all Web-enabled equipment that is required to carry on
operations. Hence, a secure remote access solution should assure that irrespective of the end-
point, safety is guaranteed. At the same time, care should be taken that crucial business
resources are not hampered.
Certain applications are Web-enabled while others are not. Similarly, certain users can be
trusted with total network connectivity, while others cannot. Hence, the modern day secure
remote access solutions must be capable of assisting any combination of native, thin or web
client applications.
Legacy IPSec solutions need certain client software. They initiate major IT administrative
overhead. Furthermore, IPSec just offers encryption and has no provisions for implementing
access control policies. Comprehensive secure remote access solutions will address all these
Time is crucial. We all are aware that applications operate fast in an office. However, the same
application over the WAN is not the same. Today there are eminent IT companies that have come up
with solutions that introduce no latency, and comprise application acceleration technology.

Furthermore, they also have the ability to assist a huge percentage of users. Hence, the user demands
and business objectives are fulfilled.
Top service providers in secure remote access solutions address all these considerations with their
specialized SSL VPN solutions. It offers an innovative mix of ease-of-deployment, ease-of-use, scalability
and performance, device support and multi-layer security.
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