Senator Partner Progam Incentive 2012

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Senator Partner Program Incentive 2012
When Partnering with Senator DMC we are pleased to offer these Value Adds as part
of our normal servicing, at no extra charge:

* Hands on senior Senator management during your programme
* On site co-ordinator included and available throughout your program
* Mobile Phone with 500 CZK credit available throughout your program
* Complimentary return (roundtrip) airport transfers for program staff
* Complimentary signage - full colour, laminated for buses, guides and hospitality desk
* Complimentary menu printing in A4 or A5 format
* Complimentary Hospitality Desk Staffi ng - 1 person for maximum 8 hours per day on full
program days
* Final billing completed on the last day of event, if requested
Plus - these Revenue Builders:
* 5% commission on all items sold directly to participants of a meeting or incentive - extensions,
tours, transfers
* Credit for next event of $500 - 1000USD, if operating within 18 months
* 1% of the total revenue of the programme donated to the Children's Home "Unhost",
which Senator has vetted and supports (culture, books, games, equipment, etc)
Reserve your Hotel requirements with Senator and receive...
Competitive rates using Senators local buying power | 1 Free hospitality desk staff throughout
program | 2% discount on program | Pre and on site rooms handling by dedicated Senator
accommodation specialist
Service fi t for a Senator
Meetings & Incentives
Martin Lehky
Katerina Benesova
Managing Director/Partner
Incoming Director/Partner
[email protected]
[email protected]
from US call free: 800.722.3876

Meetings & Incentives