September/August 2010 Edition

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P u b l i c a t i o n o f
t h e A m h e r s t F i r e
D e p a r t m e n t

From the Chief’s Desk
A s s o c i a t i o n
Hard to believe another
great deal of
season for department heads
Volume 1, Issue 2
summer is nearly over. Where
credit for
so the next couple of columns
does the time go? For the
their hard
you will hear about the budget
September/October 2010
Boynton family it was a sum-
work and
process and how things are
mer of change. It is hard to
dedication. I progressing. Things will kick
believe that six weeks ago I
off in September with a State
started as the new Chief. It is
Deputy Chief
of the Department presenta-
even harder to believe six
Brian Disco
tion to the Board of Select-
weeks prior to my first day in
for a job well done this spring
men. The fire department
This Months
Amherst summer was just
and summer as Interim Fire
will be on the agenda for Sep-
getting started and I could
Chief. Deputy Chief Conley,
tember 27th or October 12th.
only imagine where we would
as the only full-time fire de-
As soon as I know what night
Message from the Chief
be and what things would be
partment employee during
we are scheduled I will email
like today. The early summer this time did a fabulous job
the Amherst Department
Fire Prevention Week!
days were spent preparing to
managing the day-to-day
Members as all are welcome to
leave Keene. A six week
operations and training in
attend. The one advantage
ATA Martial Arts hosts a
notice bounced back and
addition to his fire prevention
we have this year is a fresh
fourth from being forever to
inspection duties. Captain
Safety Day, AFD responds
set of eyes looking at things
not being enough time to tie
Dan Barton kept the south
from a different perspective.
Get that Chimney Swept!
up loose ends. During that
station on their “A” game and
I have identified several items
time a wise man told me
like the Deputies he spent
and have several ideas that I

“before you know it will all be
most of the summer being on-
intend to bring to the board.
ancient history” and to my
call. Captain Barton, FF’s
Ideas include adjusting the
amazement he was right. A
Beland, Hahn, and Raduazzo
budget for replacement of turn
21 year career came to an end
went over and above the call of out gear, pagers, SCBA’s and
there was hardly time to smell duty by devoting a tremen-
Engine 2. Another big chal-
the roses and thank those that dous amount of time training
lenge will be completion of the
I had worked with for so many seven new drivers. I am sure
second floor of Central Sta-
years. It was a stressful and
many others deserve credit for
crazy summer but one I will
a job well done so I want to

Inside this issue:
always remember. For the
thank everyone for there hard
Take Care and Stay Safe
members of Amherst Fire, I
work and dedication over the

Pump Ops Training
would conclude it was a long
Mark Boynton
summer and many deserve a
It’s the start of the budget
Fire Chief
Run Stats
Pump Operations in Focus
AFD Family Night
hydrant system. Fortunately, Tanker 1 to refill a portable
Amherst Fire Engines carry
water tank and keep a master
Fire Prevention
from 1,000 to 3,000 gallons of stream flowing. That isn’t an
water. But that will just get
easy feat. Master Streams can
us started. August training
deliver upwards to 800 gallons
Calendar of Events
focused on pump operations
per minute. Quick math says if
and was a good opportunity
you have 3,000 gallons in your
for newly appointed CDL
“porta-tank”, plus 1,000 on your
A Look Back in AFD 4
drivers to get pump time.
engine for a total of 4,000
Have Fire? Bring water!
August training focused on
gallons, that means you
mock scenarios where first guessed it...only
In rural settings like Amherst

due pieces would establish a
around 5 minutes to fill up
there is a fair amount of the
waters supply and then run
again. So you have to be quick!
town that is not covered by a
“tanker” shuttles utilizing

Page 2
AFD Run Stats—October 2009 to August 2010

AFD Family Night a Success
With a gas grill generously
provided by Lowe’s of Amherst,
over forty AFD and family
members descended on Central
Station on Monday, August 30th
for a pot luck Bar-B-Que. It was
a chance to thank family mem-
bers for the service provided by
members to the town and the
FF’s Miron, Blair, and Powell took Engine 3 to
department. Thank you to the
ATA Martial Arts in Amherst to participate in
a Safety Day hosted by ATA and Sr. Master
Chief for suggesting and hosting
Robert Roy. Thank you to ATA for having us!
the event.
We were even allowed to break some boards—
without forcible entry tools!
Fire Prevention Reminder—Fire Prevention Week October 3rd
thru 9th
The NFPA (National Fire Prevention
The Amherst Fire Department will be
SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the
Association— announced
conducting a host of activities at the
continued dry conditions and falling
dry leaves, always check with Am-

that Fire Prevention Week will be the
Amherst Public Schools to alert chil-
herst Fire Department before con-
week of October 3rd through 9th. The
dren to the dangers of fire and tips for
ducting any outside burn (including
staying safe. A preview of fire preven-
the use of chimineas and fire pits/
tion will also occur during the Amherst bowls). A permit is required. Call
250th Celebration in September.
Amherst Dispatch (603.673.4900) or
Of course if you have smoke in your
Deputy Conley (603.673.1545) to see if
house, get outside and dial 9-1-1
permits are being issued!
theme for this year is “SMOKE
ALARMS—A sound you can live with”

Volume 1, Issue 2
Page 3
S c h e d u l e o f E v e n t s —
September 2010
S e p t e m b e r / O c t o b e r
2 0 1 0

September 6th, Labor Day!
September 7th—Monthly Department/

Association Meeting
September 13th & 20th—Company Drills
September 25th—Amherst 250th Celebra-
tion—Find us on the Village Green and at
Labor Day

Lowe’s for Safety Day!
September 27th—Officers Meeting
October 3rd through 9th—Fire
Prevention Week

October 4th—Monthly Department/
Association Meeting
October 11th and 18th—Company Drills

October 25th—Officer’s Meeting
October 31st—Halloween! Find us in the

“ I t ’ s g e t t i n g c h i l l y
o u t . . . l e t ’ s h a v e a f i r e i n
t h e f i r e p l a c e ”

The winter months are right around
October 2010
the corner and that means starting
to think about a fire in that wood-
stove or fireplace. Autumn is a great
time to schedule that chimney

cleaning and inspection from a local
chimney sweep (Consult your Yellow
Pages). The Amherst Fire
Department typically sees an
increase in calls for chimney fires as
winter approaches. On New Year’s
day of 2010, the AFD responded to a
chimney fire that had extended into
the wall of the structure.
Remember: An ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure.

AFD at an MVA on Rt. 101A in August 2010

Page 4
The AFD Mission: Amherst Fire Department
A m h e r s t F i r e D e p a r t m e n t
is committed to the preservation of life and
property through highly developed skills in

177 Amherst St.
Amherst, NH 03031
fire suppression, rescue and community
Phone: 603.673.1545
awareness of the dangers of fire. We are
Emergency: 9-1-1
proud members of our community that re-
spond 24 hours per day, 365 days a year as
we have done for over 200 years.

We’re on the Web—Visit us
Do you think you have
on Facebook!

what it takes? Inquire
about becoming a call

firefighter by calling
Want to Subscribe to this
603.673.1545 or ask one
newsletter? Send an e-mail to
of us when you see us
[email protected]
around town.
FF Miron working a brush
A Look Back—From the Log Books
fire off Northern Boulevard

which they called an “Alarm of Fire,” and 10
mon, that the Company would disband. They
cents per missed roll call. They had an open-
voted to appoint a committee to inform the
Thank you to FF Hahn and Retired Captain
ing and closing roll call per meeting. The
Town Fire Wards. The unexpected results
Ed Hanlon for safely maintaining the AFD
fines remained the same for 101 years. A 50
will be in the next issue.
log books containing the many years of AFD
cents then could be equated to having a $20

history and meeting minutes. This month, we
fine today, or $5 per roll call.
More recently and exactly 50 years ago, dur-
look back 150 years…

ing the Sept/Oct 1960 meetings the Lawrence
There was controversy abounding 150 years
Engine Co was coming to an end. In
ago, during the Sept./Oct 1860 meetings.
September the majority voted on the matter of
On July 23, 1859 Perley Dodge was ap-
Firstly, there was a matter of $20 donated to
whether or not to pursue becoming the
pointed temporary Chairman Pro Tem to
the Company. A member named Gilbert
Amherst Fire Department. The answer was
organize the Lawrence Company #2. On July
Wills apparently took hold of a $20 donation
“Yes”. They also discussed the Hand Tubs
27, 1859 Officers were elected and articles of
from Isaac Eaton, then gave it back, then took and insurance – at that time they were valued
constitution adopted. The Officer positions
it again, without ever turning it over to the
at $32,000. In October, the last member to
were: Foreman, 1st & 2nd Assistant Foremen,
Company. It was supposed to be for a Com-
retire from the Lawrence Engine Company, ,
Foreman Leading Hose, with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd,
pany dinner to be held in Nashua. It gener-
John Duval did so and was voted an
4th, and 5th Assistant Foreman, Foreman Suc-
ated bad publicity. They voted to appoint a
Honorary Member. Also the last person to
tion Hose with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Assistant
committee to question Gilbert, which they
join the Lawrence Company was voted in –
Foreman, Clerk, and Steward. Of interest,
did. After the committee reported the results, Thomas Wiggin. They then discussed future
Article #9 of the constitution specifically
at a special extra meeting in Oct., the com-
stated, no intoxicating liquors on a fire, or in
pany voted to appoint a committee of 5, to

the firehouse, along with no smoking on a fire
draw up an article for publication (in the
Apparently sometime during the 101 years,
or during a business meeting, and that no
Cabinet) to explain Mr. Eaton’s money mat-
the name changed From Lawrence Company
food would be served in the firehouse except
ter. Also at that special meeting they voted
#2, to the Lawrence Engine Company.
as approved by the Foreman. They also incor-
that unless the Citizens of Amherst acted to

porated fines of 50 cents for a missed call –
build reservoirs, or supply water on the com-