Serotonin Mood Control

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Serotonin the Mood Control

For years now it is shown that mood and serotonin level is strongly related.
For example, it is a known think that when serotonin levels drop down, the blood
vessels in the brain constricts causing migraines and/or depression. So without further
talk on how it affects and what is serotonin (, we
shall go further and see how we can make serotonin levels stay on a stable value.

For this we have so many choices that it's like talking about air. Solutions are every
where: in diet, in body workouts, walks, socialization, pleasant activities, swimming,
our thoughts/mind set.
Even a short 20 minutes of meditation, is shown to influence the serotonin in our
body. No wonder that after meditation you feel so light, your mind is focused and you
enjoy the present time so much. Serotonin is the king of good mood, as long as it is
well balanced. Too much serotonin can mean other problems. So to low means
problems, to much as well.
The key with this hormone is to make it stable. Diversity in diet and active life is an
often told story, although it is true and some times misunderstood. If you can't
understand, or disagree with the diversity in diet and an active life, I encourage you to
think at the next time, when you feel good. If you will see it the same, it just means,
that that is the best understanding of it for you. And don't let others say to you
different or try to convince you.
So we have the kind of mood, we have the choices to make in our diet, lifestyle and
most important in our state of mind.
Others way to approach a bad mood is going to a psychologist or just use different
mind techniques to clear your bad state or your bad thoughts, that may affect your
Think of it as being a game. What could you do, if it where just a game. What are you
capable off.