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Electric Wheel Chair Market: By Type (Centre Wheel Drive
Electric Wheelchair, Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair,
Standing Electric Wheelchair, Rear Wheel Drive Electric
Wheelchair) & By Region-Forecast (2016-2022)
Published Date: 06 October , 2016
Number of Pages: 142
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>> The Electric Wheel Chair Market deals with the development,
manufacture and distribution of the electric wheelchair, supporting
wheelchair accessories as well as latest wheelchair technology. An
electric wheelchair is powered by a battery or an electric motor in stark
contrast to the manual wheelchair.
>> The Electric Wheel Chair Market has witnessed governments across
the world creating more awareness as well as infrastructure which
supports the needs of disabled people. Wheelchair accessories in
residential areas are common while enterprises are making workplaces
more supportive by including cutting edge accessories like wheelchair
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>> These advances have propelled the Electric Wheel
Chair Market to develop the electric wheelchair, also
known as a motorised wheelchair or an electric powered
wheelchair, to support the needs of disabled individuals in
a dynamic workplace or everyday setting.
>> Electric wheelchair manufacturers have also been able
to squeeze in functionalities like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and links
to electric appliances in a residence to make life easier for
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Contact; #: +1-614-588-8538 (Ext:101)
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