Seven reasons to use SMS marketing

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Seven Reasons to Use SMS Marketing
There is a marketing platform that continues to attract a lot of attention from
marketers, corporations and small businesses alike. This platform provides
organisations with the ability to connect with a significant number of consumers
at almost negligible cost. What is this platform? We are talking about SMS,
better known as text messaging.
In the fast paced world of complicated apps, tablet computers, smart phones and
social media, SMS marketing remains possibly the most important and viable
platform of them all.
Here are seven reasons to use SMS marketing
The numbers just add up for using SMS marketing as a way to engage with
consumers. While Facebook has over 1.3 billion users internationally, there are
6.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. Even reaching a small proportion of
these users will amount to a lot of people.
It's Personal
More than the laptop or even the iPad, the mobile phone is the most intimate
piece of technology owned by consumers today. If you can breach across the
barriers to provide the right sort of information at the right time, you will be
reaching right into the very heart of your audience. And not only does SMS
marketing allow you to do this, it allows you to gather a huge amount of
information from consumers at the same time, so you can continue to get it
spot on.
Instant Delivery
Using SMS marketing puts marketers in a unique position. The technology allows
them to have absolute control over exactly when messages will reach
consumers. Real time marketing allows organisations to respond to daily events
as they happen. What is more, consumers can respond to messages there and
then, using their smart phones.

High Rate of Opening
Unlike online pops up and even emails, SMS text messaging has an extremely
high rate of opening. Some 97% of text messages are opened and, perhaps
more importantly, read. This higher rate of readability cannot fail to convert to a
much higher rate of response.
Ease of Integration
SMS marketing is very easily integrated into the marketing mix alongside other
campaigns via email, social media and even more traditional media, such as TV
and magazine advertising.
SMS not only allows you to send information to potential customers, it also
allows them to provide you with valuable feedback, opinions, surveys, enquiries
and other highly useful information. SMS text messaging allows organisations to
track, monitor and report upon data with ease, a vital aspect of gaining
competitive advantage within the markets.
Customer Retention
A band of loyal customers is essential to the ongoing wellbeing of any business.
SMS marketing is an extremely popular way of ensuring organisations are able
to retain customers, as well as to attract new ones. With privacy concerns online,
research suggests
messaging that
communication method of choice for the majority of consumers.

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