Seven Things to Consider When Buying a Chair

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Seven Things to Consider When Buying a Chair
Chairs are a vital part of everyday life. They are also usually seen as relatively
simple, everyday objects but buying a new one can be difficult.
The difficulty comes partly from the fact there are so many different types of
chair on the market. The fact that chairs can impact on important matters such
as health also raises questions that need to be considered.
These problems can be roughly broken down into a list of seven things to
consider when buying a chair. Working through these seven points can help
you ensure you make the right choice.
The very first thing to consider is what the purpose of the chair will be. For
example, is it an office chair you will sit on for hours every day, a leisure chair
for relaxation, or a dining chair you will just sit on at mealtimes? This will help
you make fully-informed decisions about the remaining points.
The type of chair will often become clear after considering the purpose, but
not always. It can also be tempting to try and be flexible on types. Sometimes
this works, sometimes it doesn't. For example, never save money by using a
dining chair instead of an office chair. It may look suitable at first glance, but
will not seem that way after sitting in it for a few hours.
The size of the chair is often an under appreciated factor. It can, however, be
very important. Make sure your chair will not crowd the room or form any kind
of obstruction. At the same time, make sure it is not so small as to be

Depending on what the chair will be used for, you may want it to be adjustable
in some way. This might mean adjusting the height for a desk or breakfast bar.
Alternatively, you may want a chair with wheels or swivel action for added
Comfort will be a key consideration in choosing a chair. It partly depends on
the purpose of the chair. For example, a leisure chair will definitely need to
offer a good level of comfort. It will also relate to whether you will sit in the
chair for short or prolonged periods.
Ergonomics is related to comfort, but not quite the same thing. A chair with
good ergonomics will usually be more comfortable, but more importantly it
will be better for your health. It will offer a healthy seating position, good back
support and often adjustability for your unique needs. This can be important in
all kinds of chairs, but especially office chairs that will usually be sat on for
hours at a time.
It is important to consider quality when buying a chair. A chair that will only be
sat on for brief periods can get away with being lower-quality as it will be
subject to less wear-and-tear. For a chair that will see heavy usage, it may be
worth spending more to get something more sturdy.