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Shingling A Roof

Shingling or roofing a home is really a major undertaking for any homeowner and extreme care is
needed. This stated, a Do-It-Yourselfer homeowner can shingle or roof their very own home after
some understanding and a proven method.
Needed Tools
To be able to roof a home correctly and securely the next tools are essential: Steps, Roof Jacks,
Hammer, Craftsmen Knife, Chalk Line, and ideally a compressor or nail gun.
Calculating Materials
Often the roof is measured in squares, in which a "square" signifies 100 sq ft. You will find 80
shingles in a single square. However, when you attend the local home improvement center shingles
are often offered in bundles. Usually three bundles equal one square, however this could vary slightly
pending the shingle style.
Appraise the section of your homes roof (length x width) and divide by 100 to obtain the quantity of
squares needed. Then multiply the dpi by three to obtain the quantity of bundles of shingles needed
to do the job. Add one more 10-15% for spare, leaning toward the 15% in case your roof has sides
and valleys.
Drip edge, ice and water shield, asphalt paper, flashing, roofing nails, and stylish and ridge vents may
also be needed. The Drip edge is available in various measures. Appraise the outdoors perimeter
from the roof to calculate the drip edge needed. The ice and water shield, asphalt paper and flashing
are available in roles. Make use of your roof square area calculation for identifying your asphalt paper
needs. Typically just one or two courses of ice and water shield is needed across the bottom/eave
from the roof as well as in the valleys. Calculate 2 occasions the size of the rooftop and valleys to
estimate the quantity of ice and water shield needed.
Typically each shingle will need 4-6 roofing nails and flashing usually is available in 16" wide roles or
6x6 or 8x8 sq. Inch steps. Step flashing is usually used around fireplaces, dormers and side wall
junctions. Stylish and Ridge vent will be different with local building codes, however a tough estimate
is always to measure the duration of your roof's stylish and side rails and take 75% of the figure for
calculating the quantity of vent needed.
You need to now have the ability to fairly precisely calculate the price of material for roofing your
Setting up the Drip Edge
Nail the Drip edge round the entire outdoors perimeter from the roof.
Apply the Ice and Water Shield Membrane and also the Asphalt Paper
Apply the ice and water shield material such that it's flush using the drip edge. When the climate in
your town has harsh winters and/or significant annual rain fall, give a second span of ice and water
shield for additional protection. It's also wise to add some ice and water shield membrane within the
Next apply the asphalt paper towards the entire roof, beginning in the bottom and dealing for the

ridge. Make certain each span of asphalt paper overlaps the low row by a number of inches
(effectively shingling using the asphalt paper).
Install metal flashing
Install metal flashing in most from the valleys. Step flashing around fireplaces and dormers is going to
be added because the shingles are installed.
Setting up the Shingles
Start the shingling at the end from the roof (or in the eaves). Lay a starter course so that the
underside fringe of the shingle lines up flush using the drip edge. The starter strip is really a "tabless"
shingle that you simply make in the regular shingles making use of your carpenter's knife.
Lay the next span of full shingles within the first course, staggering the starter joints in the first course
to avoid water transmission.
Note: Sometimes you might want to begin with a complete or perhaps a partial shingle at one finish.
Either in situation, you need to avoid small shingle pieces in the far finish from the roof. To avoid this,
divide the size of the rooftop by the size of a complete shingle and assess the amount of a shingle
length you need to begin with. Ideally you don't want to possess pieces more compact than 12".
Make use of a Chalk Line
To make sure your shingle courses run straight make use of a chalk line. Appraise the finished reveal
in your shingles. Usually this really is about 5 inches. Make marks every 5 inches around the gable
finishes from the roof. Snap a chalk line between your gable finishes each and every set of marks
completely in the roof. This can make sure that you shingles run true and straight while you progress
in the roof using the courses.
Vertical lines ought to be clicked every three to six ft to make sure your tabs maintain alignment.
Utilization of Roof Jacks
After three or four courses of shingles happen to be installed using steps, roof jacks might be
essential to access top of the courses. Roof jacks are steel brackets that hold planks in place that you
should get up on. The rooftop jacks ought to be safely nailed with the patio decking and into rafters to
make sure that they'll support unwanted weight.
Shingling Valleys, Fireplaces, Skylights and Dormers, and Step Flashing
Shingling the valleys and setting up flashing requires special care. The shingles, typically originating
from two intersecting courses when entering a valley, have to overlap one another so that no water
transmission happens.
Skylights, fireplaces and dormers should be step exhibited (step flashing is interleaved with every
span of shingles) to make sure water is stored from penetrating the rooftop.
Adding the Ridge Vent and Caps
To accomplish the roofing project, ridge vents have to be installed. They are nailed to the top ridge
after which assigned.
The ridge cap prevents water from entering the house through the ridge vent, while still permitting the
home to breath. The ridge cap is built from individual shingle tabs which have their incomplete
corners stop at 45 degree angles. Each modified shingle tab, is nailed so that it overlaps the prior

piece while you come lower the size of the ridge vent.
For additional assistance on Shingling Your Home's Roof, see's Asphalt
Shingle Roofing Bid Sheet at http://world wide
info/Asphalt-Shingle-Roofing-Bid-Sheet.htm. The Asphalt Shingle Roofing Bid Sheet will assist you to
make sure that your roof will not finish track of a blue tarp regarding this along with a rubbish relaxing
in your yard for days while you wait for a roofer to return and finished roofing your house.

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