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An open source software testing- Selenium automated testing
In this article, there is a brief description on selenium automated testing. In addition to this various
tools and advantages are also mentioned.
There are many software applications, which are written as web based applications and are runned in a
web browser. To test these applications, there are various organizations and companies that are using
different methodologies like agile. These companies also perform test automation to test software
applications for software projects. Test automation is conducted to test the application by using
software tools that runs repeatable tests.
There are several open source tools and commercial tools that help in the development of test
automation. The most powerful software open source tool that is used for test automation is selenium.
Selenium is a set that has different software tools and uses Java script. The software tools of selenium
have different approach in supporting test automation.(Kentico consulting services)
In simple words selenium is a automated tool that is used for the following:
Web based applications
Embedding test automation engine in users or clients browser
Functional regression testing
There are various advantages with selenium test automation that improves the efficiency of a
software team's testing processes that our . There are numerous organizations that are outsourcing
this software and the test automation supports-
1. Selenium Remote Control (RC) is a Java server that is used for execution of test scripts.
2. With selenium Core client side testing web applications are added directly in the client's
3. For recording test scripts selenium IDE and add-on to Firefox is used.
4. Selenium is incorporated with unit testing frameworks, such as J Unit and N Unit; it also helps
developers to test the application.
There are various advantages of selenium automated testing, such as it is an open source & free
software and is easy to install. In addition to this selenium testing is a scripting technique (has modular
scripts and play back of scripts & easy recording), no machine is required for test automation.(kentico
Along with this, there are many more benefits of selenium testing, such as
Compatibility: It allows cross border testing ( it records in Firefox and executes in IDE) and has
multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows and Max
It has integration with third part tools for example, RTH Test Case Management Tool
The most important factor of selenium testing is that it supports one's tests on multiple browser
platforms. The various tools of selenium automated testing are Selenium 1 (aka. Selenium RC or
Remote Control), Selenium 2 (aka. Selenium Web driver), Selenium-Grid and Selenium IDE.