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Bio D Supreme
The Review of the Highly Acclaimed
Vitamin D Supplement & Exclusive Deal

Bio D Supreme is a comprehensive vitamin D
oral spray that is also infused with numerous
other nutrients that have been deemed essential
for producing a conducive environment for
optimal health and wellness. Bio D Supreme
dramatically surpasses the function of a typical
multivitamin as it has been specially formulated
to deliver a 90% vitamin D absorption rate in
contrast to the typical 10-20% one receives
through the use of conventional vitamins.
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This unparalleled ratio of absorption clearly
makes Bio D Supreme the best vitamin D
supplement in the world and ensures that
one can avoid Vitamin D deficiency and the
detrimental effects which accompany this
growing epidemic.
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Vitamin D plays a crucial role in enhancing health and wellness and
this fact is clearly understood by the ever growing focus that medical
researchers place upon this field. Matter in fact, over the past 5
years, one could describe this "focus" as an obsession when seeing
all the time and money invested into performing studies on the role
of Vitamin D within the body. In 2009, alone, over 3000 Vitamin D
studies were published.
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This number is staggering and easily dwarfs
the study of any other health related nutrient
within the world. Of course, with our current
way of life it really is no surprise that Vitamin
D continues to remain within the limelight. As
time advances, people are further transitioning
to an in-door lifestyle and those choosing to
remain outdoors are lathered with sunscreen.
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Since Vitamin D is primarily generated through exposure to
sunlight these growing trends are sealing our fates of Vitamin D
deficiency and the adverse effects this malnourishment deals to
the body.
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Possessing adequate levels of Vitamin D within
the body enhances:

* Immunity to viruses
* Cardiovascular, Breast, Prostate, Colon and Joint health
* Bone strength and density
* Blood sugar maintenance
* Energy levels
* Concentration and Mental Alertness
* The Bodies ability to fight inflammation
* well as numerous other documented factors which nurture optimal health and

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At present, researchers estimate that over 90% of
Americans are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.
Sadly, many of these people are unknowing victims
because they take their regular multivitamin dosage
without knowing that 80-90% of their Vitamin D will not
be absorbed by their body. This little known detail was
the ultimate factor which led to the creation of the
patented Bio D Supreme spray technology. BioSorb
Nutraceuticals incorporated the documented research
that revealed the secret to unlocking the bodies ability to
experience a supercharged absorption capacity.
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Through integrating Vitamin D3 and a special
blend of key optimizers and cofactors they were
able to create a Vitamin D delivery system which
boasts unmatched absorption. These added
agents literally transform cells into eager sponges
willing to soak up the essential vitamins and
minerals contained within the Bio D Supreme
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Amazingly, Bio D Supreme is able to accomplish this feat
while holding the title of being a non-prescription
nutritional supplement. What this means, is that one can
enjoy a power packed multivitamin delivery system
without being subjected to stimulants or adverse side
effects. The Bio D Supreme oral spray contains Vitamins
A, B6, B12, D3, K2, Folic Acid, Zinc and Boron. All of the
ingredients found within Bio D Supreme are covered
under the Dietary Supplement Health & Education
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