Should You Consider Backhoe Rental For Your Earth Moving Equipment?

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Should You Consider Backhoe Rental For Your Earth Moving
If you need earth moving equipment, you may have considered a backhoe loader. But before
you start looking into backhoe rental, you may want to know more about what this machine
is and what it is for. This may sound like superfluous information, but you would be surprised
at the amount of people who rent equipment simply because it is available, rather than
looking at whether or not they actually need it. Not just that, the following information will
also help you to determine whether you are actually getting a good backhoe when you are
looking at different backhoe rental companies. A backhoe loader, which is its official name, is
used to dig ditches and trenches on a construction site. They normally have three parts. The
first is a diesel-powered tractor, the second is a scooper bucket that gets controlled by
hydraulics and the last part is the front loader. It is called a backhoe due to the scooper basket
that is attached to the back of a tractor. Anybody who knows anything about constructions
will tell you that the backhoe is the most important of all earth movers. In fact, very often, it is
the only piece of heavy machinery that is used in small project as well. Many people opt for
backhoe rental because it is such a versatile machine. After all, it is able to work as a front end
loader, a bulldozer and an excavator in one go. Also, due to the fact it is mounted onto a
tractor powered by diesel, it can be driven to the actual site where it has to dig without any
problems. Many other types of heavy machinery need to be towed and need an external power
source in order to function.

One element that is hugely important is the operator. It has been known for companies to look
into backhoe rental and not have somebody who is actually licensed to drive on. Just as with a
bulldozer, it is a specialized machine that requires specialized skills. An operator needs to be
able to work with a backhoe scooper as well as a front end loader. One of the hardest bits,
however, is to control the machine with a joystick and drive the tractor at the same time.
When the machine operates, it is either removing excess material and dirt from a site, or it is
placing it back inside the hole (this is known as backfilling). The bucket at the front can also
be used to stamp the loose soil back down, thereby leveling the site. IT is particularly

important to be skilled with the actual backhoe attachment. The action is often compared to
how a person would scoop sand at the beach, but the difference is that this is done by memory
not by joystick maneuvers. There are many joints within the backhoe attachment that need to
be operated independently and this takes some real skill. It also means that the operator
needs to have a basic understanding of hydraulics, as these are what control the levers that
are in the tractor compartment.

So how does all this work? As stated earlier, from all the construction equipment that is out
there, the backhoe is probably the most important one. This is why backhoe rental is so
popular. Basically, the operator first has to check that he is clear to swing the enter bucket
around. Hence, stringent safety procedures need to be in place. After stabilizing the machine
with special feet, he will be ready to bend the bucket with one lever. By using a second lever,
the bucket is forced into the ground, while arching inwards at the same time. Then, when the
bucket has been filled up, the arm extends and gets raised, swings around and dumps its load.
This is then repeated until a trench or ditch is formed. Naturally, the opposite can also
happen, if a trench or ditch needs to be filled back up. The pressure that can be delivered
through a backhoe is tremendous and reaches into the tens of thousands, which would require
dozens of men with shovels to replicate. It should only take a good operator around 15
minutes to dig a trench.