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Should You Switch To A Different Web Host?

Are you satisfied with your current web hosting solution? If you want to switch to a better service, you
should read this article.

Did you register your domain name with the same service you purchased a web hosting plan from? If
yes, you should go over your contract carefully and find out if there is a way of keeping your domain
name while cancelling your web hosting plan. Some web hosts will let you cancel your main plan
while keeping your domain name for a fee but other services will require you to keep your plan if you
want to remain in control of your domain name. The best thing to do is to purchase your domain
name from a separate service when you launch your website. If your web host will not let you have
your domain name, keep your plan and connect your domain name with your new server. This will be
easier than getting a new domain name and having to promote your website from scratch.

Before switching to a different web host, consider upgrading to a better plan. This will probably mean
spending more on web hosting but perhaps you made a bad decision in the first place and
underestimated your needs. Purchase a plan with more storage space, unlimited bandwidth and
consider upgrading from a shared server to a dedicated one. A shared server hosts more than one
website, which means you might be losing bandwidth to another popular site. If you get your
dedicated server, you will not have to worry about the content or the popularity of any other site.

Take the time to look for a better web hosting solution. Use the Internet to learn more about different
services and plans; you need to find a service that has been around for at least five years and offers
detailed information about their servers. You should know that most web hosting services do not
survive for more than two years: if your web hosting service has been around for longer, it will more
than likely still exist in a year from now. And you should beware of web hosting services that do not
display a lot of information about their servers: these services might be renting server space from
another web host which means they have no control of maintaining and repairing these servers.

Once you have found a new web hosting solution, start planning the transfer of your website. Do not
cancel your old plan right away. Purchase your new plan and familiarize yourself with the new
features you have access to. Make a copy of everything you have on your old server or use your
back-up and upload your site to your new server. This could be a great occasion to make some
changes to your site. Once your site is on your new server, test all the links and make sure all the
content has been properly uploaded. Connect your domain name to your new server and wait for

about twenty-four hour; your new domain name will then redirect visitors to the new server. You can
then cancel your old web hosting plan or wait until it expires if you want to avoid cancellation fees.

Make good use of these tips if you want to purchase a better web hosting plan. Choose the ideal plan
so you do not have to repeat this procedure.

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