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The sideways cross necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry in which the
cross is featured between two chains. This makes the cross lie
sideways on the wrist or neck. This new fashion trend started among
celebrities and has become very popular.

This necklace is stirring quite a controversy as to its true meaning.
Some believe that the sideways cross necklace symbolizes the earth.
It is also said to represent humanity and our place between heaven
and hell.

Christians are up in arms about the sideways cross because they feel
that it is offensive. They feel that the cross should be upright and not
upside down or sideways. This is a sacred symbol in Christianity and a
cross that is sideways is most controversial.

When worn on the neck or wrist, the sideways cross lays horizontally
and not vertically. The cross is traditionally worn vertically, or up and
down. Wearing the symbol sideways is a new form of expression.

Some sideways cross necklaces are made of gold and some are made
of silver. You can purchase a sideways cross in a variety of sizes.
Some are very ornate and some are very plain.

People like the sideways cross necklace because it is unique. It is a
new style and is becoming quite popular. Some may even think that it
is the latest trend.

The sideways cross necklace can be bought online or in a jewelry
store. Buying online is a better option for those who like to comparison
shop. There are many varieties to choose from.

Sideways crosses are put on tombstones of some very religious
people. It symbolizes the resurrection of the soul. It can also
symbolize the resurrection of Christ.

Some people make up their own meaning about the sideways cross.
They attribute it to whatever they wish instead using a religious
reason. Humanistic meanings are common with this cross.

If you wear a sideways cross, you are aware of your place in the
world. You are self- aware of greater things. You are also very

A small silver sideways cross necklace can be very affordable. A gold
cross will cost more than the silver version. Some sideways cross
necklaces have gem stones and diamonds and cost a great deal.

Finland, Sweden and Denmark have sideways crosses on their flags.
The sideways cross necklace is especially popular in those countries.
The symbol means patriotic pride and honor.