Significance of Customer interaction Services

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Significance of Customer interaction Services

The guaranteed way to establish better consumer loyalty is by having an organized customer service management
as it ensures long term profits. Loyalty assists in offering a shape to an individual's choice on the way they
purchase, what they purchase and where they purchase the items from. As per a study conducted by the Forum
Corp, on brand switching, it has been observed that about 60 percent of brand switching has been the result of
inappropriate services and the absence of customized solutions. Therefore, what is of paramount importance is
that customer interaction services that results in effortless communication is what is going to make a consumer
opt in for the product or service time and gain.

Whilst on the topic, there was yet another research that was conducted by Tom Peters on the impact of customer
dissatisfaction. The study highlighted that an average person with an unsatisfactory consumer experience will let
nine out of ten people and about 13 percent of the mass is most likely to do negative word of mouth publicity at
the same. Research and studies have highlighted that companies can retain almost 82 percent to 95 percent of
unsatisfactory consumers if the complaints are solved in a timely and efficient manner. Therefore, it becomes
crucial to invest in customer experience solutions that help organizations to anticipate the customer's mind set
and fulfill their needs better.

It has been observed that the majority of consumers make use of mobile self service options for online shopping
and other online activities. Keeping this in mind, intuitive customer experience solutions providers have introduced
with mobile self service and other intuitive experience applications that anticipates the consumer behavior and
determine the optimal interaction strategy. By incorporating the real-time interaction data and consumer profiles
across every channel, the application understands the total context of each consumer's journey. The applications
further integrate with company data sources and third party systems that assist in location-specific and
information-rich solutions. Service providers offer applications for consumer journeys such as:
* New Contract
* On-Boarding
* Bill Inquiry
* Plan Change
* Retention

These applications are provided to the end users as a cloud based service and include faster implementation, more
than one channel, assist with managing services and incorporated back-end databases. Though most enterprises
harp on the significance of the consumer service, their actions most of the times do not reflect the statements that

come up with. Hence, it is crucial that organizations give importance to consumer experience as it assures the
consumer goodwill in the market.

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