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Learning the ‘tricks of the trade’ in the dressing, colour and style stakes has probably taken
most of us years to perfect, but hopefully many of us are now more comfortable in our skins as
we approach fifty and beyond. We can accept our grey hair beginning to come through, which if
we wish, can easily be disguised with a generous splash of tint every month or so, and our
sparse eyebrows that suddenly need a stroke of an eyebrow pencil can be quickly restored.
There are many women who have given some thought about the idea of having a facial
procedure to eradicate the effects of aging, but they are concerned that they will look too
‘done’, or the treatment may look obvious which might draw unnecessary attention. It also
may be considered too invasive as many women may not be interested to go under the knife in
the name of beauty.
A recent survey conducted by Sinclair IS Pharma found that 76% of people prevent their
photograph being taken. With the growth of social media reaching an epidemic, taking and
sharing images is now almost unavoidable. Very often an image will show up on Facebook that
we didn’t even realise had been taken, and sometimes we even request for it to be promptly
These findings come as no surprise to the makers of Silhouette Soft, who commissioned the
survey to launch their innovative non-invasive facelift. It is fondly referred to as the ‘lunchtime’
facelift, because the total
procedure from start to finish takes
approximately thirty minutes. The
amazing results last up to eighteen
months, with most patients being
able to return to work straight away
and their colleagues none the wiser
with regards to the procedure.
Silhouette Soft facelift is designed
to simply redefine the face for
those seeking a fresher and more defined look, which is exactly what most women seem to
The patient’s hair and face are isolated with a sterile covering and a large opening is made for
the face to poke through. The skin is then marked by pen where the needle is to be inserted
with the thin threads, with tiny little cones attached to it. The needle is then inserted into the
anaesthetised jaw area and threaded through to the temple area, which was also anaesthetised
locally. The cones themselves point upwards and downwards grabbing on to facial tissue,
making it literally ‘lift’. The tension of the inserted thread lifts the sagging tissues.
Anyone who is looking for a refreshed and rejuvenated look and has thought about some kind
of facial procedure should certainly consider Silhouette Soft as an excellent short-term solution.
Although there are certain minor restrictions to adhere to, the ‘downtime’ is practically
It should be noted that the Silhouette Soft is not without risks. Taking time to find the best
surgeon to perform the procedure will prevent any side effects, which could include infection,
bleeding, bruising, swelling and asymmetry.
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