Simplifies And Speeds Up 1099 and W2 Form Printing Via EzW2 Software From Halfpricesoft

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Simplifies And Speeds Up 1099 and W2 Form Printing
Via EzW2 Software From Halfpricesoft
With intuitive, user-friendly interface and printing options that reduce use of paper and red-ink forms, the
new ezW2 from simplifies preparation and filing of W2’s and 1099’s for small business
owners and saves them money. Free Trial is available at
Employers, who need to prepare the forms W-2s and 1099s, can take benefits from the
new features of ezW2 1099 w2 software. Thousands of users put their trust in ezW2
every year, knowing that provides unbeatable reliability and customer
Created by, the software developer known for easy-to-use software
that provides great time- and money-saving solutions for small businesses, ezW2 is the
easy-to-use and powerful W2 & 1099 preparing, importing and printing solution for
small business and accountants.
“Small business owners should be spending their time growing their business, not trying
to learn software or preparing tax forms by hand,” said founder Dr.
Ge. “We created ezW2 to make that possible. Customers can start running W2’s and
1099’s as soon as the software is installed - no learning curve, no wasted time.”
ezW2 software supports forms W2, W3, 1099 misc and 1096. It also save user money
and time by printing the SSA approved laser substitute forms W2 copy A and W3 on the
plain paper. ezW2 is compatible with Windows 7 system, 32-bit or 64-bit. It can run on
Windows XP, Me, 2003 and Vista system too.
ezW2 simplifies and speeds up W-2 1099 filing:
1) Social Security Administration-approved printing capability for printing substitute
Form W2 on plain white paper - eliminating the need for expensive red-ink forms.
So user can print ALL W2 forms (W-2 copy A, B, C, D, 1 and 2) and W3 on plain white
paper if user has ezW2 and a laser printer.
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ezW2 can also print 1099 copy 1, 2, B and C on plain white paper. Since IRS does not
certify laser substitute forms right now. ezW2 will fill data on red-ink forms of 1099 misc
copy A and 1096.
2) ezW2 application also supports data only on pre-printed red-ink forms. Two W2 or
1099 red-forms printed per page, cutting paper consumption in half.
3) ezW2 supports quick W2 or 1099 data importing.
4) ezW2 supports unlimited accounts, employees and contractors with one flat rate.
5) New to 2010 release of ezW2: PDF electronic printing(optional feature) for
environmentally friendly businesses
New customers can make sure ezW2 meets their needs by trying the software risk free.
The trial version is fully functional and there is no time limit to the trial offer. The trial
version of ezW2 is limited only by printing a “SAMPLE” or “DEMO” watermark on
printed forms. To unlock the software for printing actual W2 and 1099 forms, customers
simply purchase a license key online at
YouTube Video: 5 Easy Steps to Prepare and Print Form W2 Yourself
Founded in 2003, develops and distributes a wide range of small
business software titles that are affordable and easy-to-use, including ezW2. Additional
titles available from include ezCheck Personal Edition, ezCheck
Printing, ezPaycheck 2011 and ezTimeSheet. The web site also
contains resources and links to help small businesses with their payroll, accounting and
tax reporting needs.
For More Information Please Contact:
P.O. Box 17067 Louisville, KY 40217 USA
email: [email protected]
Fax: (866) 909-6448
or visit the Web Site