Simplify Radicals

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Simplify Radicals
Students can learn simplify radicals from the expert Math tutors available online. Students need to
understand the concept of Radicals before learning to simplify redicals. Students can get help with Math
problems involving simplify radicals from the online tutors.
The Radical is defined as the square root of a number. A radical is used to refer the irrational number. This
radical expression has been denoted in the root symbol "? ". Thus the process to Simplify Radicals involves
expressing the numbers in a simpler form or a reduced form. Students can learn to simplify radicals by the
solved examples.
Simplifying radicals include the simplification of radicals denominator before performing basic mathematical
operation. And given radical should satisfy the conditions and one should remember for positive value of a the
value of 1/an will always be taken as positive. Learn how to simplify radicals in this page and learn to simplify
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Simplify Radicals With Variables
Simplify radicals with variables , The radicals with variables should be
solved n a particular order first of all we should consider the root and then
we should consider the radicand (i.e. the part inside the root). Solve the
variables inside the root and then solve the factors using the respective
root. Such that the radicals with variables should are now in simplest
Symplify [sqrt(144*x^2)]
[sqrt(144) = 12]
[sqrt(x^2) =x]
[sqrt( 144 * x^2) =12 * x =12x]
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Simplifying Radicals - Division
Here also, radicals of same radical powers can be brought under a single radical
sign, the terms inside can be divided and simplified.
Example :
Evaluate ?8 / ?6
?8 / ?6 =?(8/6)=?(4/3)=?4/?3
= 2/?3
= (2)(?3)/(?3)(?3)
= (2?3)/(3)
It may be noted that the denominator is multiplied by ?3 to make it free from radical
term. It is a convention that radicals are avoided in the denominators and the process
to eliminate radicals in denominators is cal ed `rationalizing the denominator'


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