Singapore Street Fashion, Trendy And Urban

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Singapore Street Fashion, Trendy And Urban
Everyone has heard of Singapore. It is one of the major tourist destinations in the
world. Singapore has a history going back nearly 2000 years, with the first known
settlements popping up in the 2nd century AD. Since then, it has been a part of many
local empires until the British takeover in the early 19th century. Today, Singapore has
risen to be the 4th leading financial center and its port is the 5th busiest one in the
world. Singapore culture is a mix of English, Chinese, Malay and Indian. This
diversity has over the years developed many interesting and unique quirks in lifestyle
that has to be experienced to be believed. Asians in general are known to be mostly
conservative people. But the modernized 20th century has seen many changes in
Singapore, especially in the field of Fashion quite evident from today's Singapore
street fashion
One of the most noticeable changes is a tendency towards street fashion. Street
fashion is the fashion sense that is developed from the grassroots and not in designer
studios. Most urban centers feature street fashion, with the young men and women
being the brand ambassadors. It can sustain multiple simultaneous highly diverse
fashion movements at any given time. Anything like hippies, teddy boys, skinheads,
gothic, hip hop, Rasta, greaser and much more are different types of street fashion that
have time and again found popularity with the youth culture in most countries. It
emphasizes individuality and a creativity and innovation born from everyday clothes

and accessories. From the mundane to the morbid, street fashion encompasses
Singapore is also no exception when it comes to street fashion. Singapore street
is a rapidly growing fashion culture among Singapore street fashionthe
youth. With the influences of a large percentage of foreigners settled in Singapore,
many different styles have spread into the populace. The youth culture there is more
in tune with their independence and strong individuality. This has led to many
different businesses dealing exclusively in street fashion to become successful. There
are several boutiques and stores that showcase the best fashion products in Singapore.
Besides selling apparel and accessories, they also provide tips and products for make-
up, like brightly colored hair and other exotic looks. A new trend is the gothic Lolita,
which differs from the standard style of morbid whiteness and darkness persona to
one which expresses different expressions and moods.
Fashion in Singapore is as unique as the country. It represents the freedom,
individuality and diversity of the people while at the same time a sense of unity which
is the secret of the country's success.

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