Six Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Social Media

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Six Reasons Why You Should Advertise on
Social Media
Millions of users are attracted everyday to various social networking websites. While you are
advertising your business through sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. it gives you an
opportunity to concentrate on your target audience. It is also quite cheap and easily
measurable. Following are the benefits of adverting on social media sites:

You have control on the ads: These are not similar to other types of online display ads.
Instead these have an image, a headline, a link and a brief copy. We recommend you to
select pay per click ads that helps to monitor the amount you are spending.

Target Audience: With social networking site like Facebook, you can easily narrow
down a group of people based on their geographical location, age, sex, education, marital
status and other interest. This data or information generates an estimated reach that helps
to determine if the it fits your expectations and goals.

Figure out the Budget: By setting up a budget, you can work more effectively and
these ads allow you to adjust the budget as per the requirements. You can choose to pay
only when audience see your ad or click on it.

Benefits of word of mouth: Each time your ad is seen and interacted by users, it is
automatically shared with their friends. This affiliation or engagement of your product or
services spreads like word of mouth. Eventually, your website gets new audiences that were
unreachable before.

Australians widely use Social Media: If the audience you are planning to target comes
within Australia, then there is a high chance that your ad would have quite a wide reach. A
recent global survey stated that Australians are way ahead in using these sites than any other
country. Sam Crawford provides all types of solutions related to social media ads in Sydney.

Excellent for online campaigns: Social media websites are highly influential in driving
engagement and interaction aspects of your ad campaigns. It has a huge effect especially
when the campaign is online.

Social media websites play a crucial role in Search Engine Optimisation campaigns.
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