Skin Cancer Treatment Options in NYC

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Skin Cancer Treatment Options in NYC

Finding out that you have skin cancer can be quite scary. Thankfully, dermatologists in NYC
deal with skin cancer everyday and have effective treatments for taking care of this
problem. The important thing is to remember that you are not alone and there are
wonderful dermatologists in the NYC area who can effectively treat skin cancer.

NYC dermatologists have started using a new radical treatment in the war against skin
cancer. The surgical procedure known as, Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a great way to
effectively treat skin cancer. NYC Mohs surgery, is one of the most advanced methods in
treating skin cancer. This treatment method is helping patients who have previously had
other treatments to no avail. It has a high success rate, which is why so many patients are
opting to have this procedure. Not only does it preserve the area around the cancer but it
heals nicely.

Finding a great dermatologist in NYC is an easy job. There are numerous highly trained
dermatologists who keep up on the latest in treatments. There are many treatments on the
market today to treat skin cancer. Some of the methods include freezing and the use of
lasers. While these methods both have positives and negatives, the major problem is they
can destroy the skin around the area.

To freeze skin cancer, a doctor will use liquid nitrogen to make the area frozen. When the
area thaws, the skin cancer falls off and leaves the area tender. This work does not work for
all patients. Sometimes, depending on the degree of the cancer, it may be an option for the
doctor to cut away the spot. They must also take a section of the healthy tissue surrounding
it to ensure the are is safe. This can leave an even appearance on the skin, and some
choose not to use this options because of the imperfections of the skin.

When the cancer is superficial, a laser can be used. It has the least amount of bleeding and
swelling as other methods. Still of all the methods that are being used, the Mohs
Micrographic Surgery seems to be the best option on the market. Regardless of what type of
skin cancer one is facing, a NYC dermatologist can help decide which method is the best for
taking care of the problem.

NYC has some of the best dermatologists in the field. Using these new radical procedures is
making treating skin cancer safer.