Skylanders Giants, The Latest Video Game By Activision In The Skylanders Franchise

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Skylanders Giants, The Latest Video Game By Activision In The
Skylanders Franchise

The newest game video game released by Activision, and aimed at the children's market, is
Skylanders Giants. Skylanders Giants is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Skylanders
game, called Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

Skylanders seem to have taken the world by storm, but what is the secret to their success? 'Toy's for
Bob' is the Activision studio responsible of both of the games, and the huge success their new
franchise has achieved, seems to be due to the fact that they have successfully integrated a real
world toy with a video game. In order to understand this, you need to know how the Skylanders
games work.

Each Skylander starter pack contains the video game itself, a selection of Skylanders figures and a
Portal of Power. The back story to the game is that the Evil character Kaos has banished the
Skylanders from their home in the Skylands to Earth. Here they are frozen as toys, and players must
place their figure onto the Portal of Power, to transport the character back to Skylands to battle Kaos
and save the Skylands. I think that the seemless way that the characters appear in the game, after
being placed onto the glowing portal, is key to the games success. If two people want to play, just
simply add another Skylander to the portal. If you want to change characters, just remove one figure
and replace with another one.

The Skylanders figures have technology within them that records any level ups, or customizations
you make to your character. A person could take their figure to a friend's house, and even play on a
different games console, and any stats and customizations will remain. Again, this adds to the whole
feel of being able to link up your very own toy, to a video game.

The Skylanders characters are divided into 8 different Elements: Earth, Fire, Undead, Life, Magic,
Tech, Water and Air. Characters belonging to different elements will have different strengths and
weaknesses in different parts of the game. In the original Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure game there
are 32 characters in all, 4 from each element.

Skylanders Giants is a completely new video game, and it's release has caused some confusion
amongst parents buying character for their kids. New to Skylanders Giants are 8 actual Giant
Skylanders, that are about twice the size of regular ones. These cool figures feature LightCore
technology which causes them to light up when placed on or near a Portal of Power. In game the
Giants have brute force and are able to bash, smash and move things other figures cannot. However,
they may not be suitable for other tasks, which can be performed more easily by a regular character.
Unfortunately, some parents have been buying Giant figures and expecting them to play on their old
Spyro's Adventure game, much to the disappointment of their children! None of the brand new
characters will work in the old game, however 24 of the original Skylanders have been reposed and
released as 'Series 2' Skylanders Giants figures, and these will play in the Spyro's Adventure game.

In addition to the Giants featuring LightCore technology, there are 8 other regular sized LightCore
Skylanders, one of each of the 8 elements. Four of these characters are brand new, and 4 are
returning characters from the first game. Lastly there are 8 total new regular sized Skylanders
characters in the new Giants game.

The popularity of the Skylanders franchise shows no sign of slowing. As well as introducing brand
new characters, Giants and Lightcore figures in the new Giants game, Activison have also added
several difficulty levels, which will most likely attract more mature players who found the first game
unchallenging. There is even a Nightmare level, for those expert players, although this can only be
accessed after finishing the game one of the regular ways.

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