Slave routines

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Mr. B’s slave protocol
This document contains all the daily and non-daily protocols for my slave. You live to please and serve
me under any circumstance and at any time, in any way that I please. You should always focus my
safety, needs, and desires.
Please make sure that you read, know, understand and remember each routine as I may refer to you at
any point to any routines mentioned in this document.
Ignorantia juris non excusat
For each routine, I tried to write down why it pleases me. Feel free to ask questions.
Note that the goal of this is to please me. Therefore the intent of the routines is more important than
the letter of the routines. Therefore you have the freedom to always look out for ideas on how to
execute a task in ways that would please me more or related activities that would please me.
Mr B.
1 Body Appearance
It is important to me how you look. Therefore you shall not make any major changes to your appearance
without my prior approval. This includes but is not limited to hairstyle, nail decoration, clothing styles,
make-up style.
1.1 Hair
I prefer long hair. Your hair cannot be cut without my approval. Hair may be trimmed for maintenance
purposes but approval is required for anything more than an inch in a month’s timeframe. Your hair
style or color cannot be changed without my approval. I can give you the order to change your hairstyle
as I please, including by not restricted to any length, any style, and any color.
1.2 Nails
I like nails that have been taken care off. Toe nails will be painted at all times. Finger nails should be
painted when possible. Your nails should be properly trimmed and not contain any rough or sharp
1.3 Trimming
I like a clean appearance therefore it is important therefore you will keep your privates, legs and armpits
clean shaven or waxed from all body hair. You will inform me of any waxing appointments in advance
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1.4 Brushing teeth
You should brush your teeth several times a day, especially after meals and cigarettes. Even in the most
mundane activities that you do, you are owned. This includes brushing your teeth. As a proof to this, you
will at least once a day pee on your toothbrush, instead of using water, before applying toothpaste
when brushing your teeth as a reminder that I own every part of you, all the time. It also helps you
become my toilet whore and that having pee in your mouth is just a daily occurrence.
1.5 Weight
Your weight is important to me. I do not like too fat, I do not like too skinny. Therefore on a frequent
basis I will weigh you and inform you whether you need to gain or lose. You will adjust you eating habits
accordingly. Exercises will be added to your schedule if deemed appropriate.
1.6 Makeup
In my presence you will use non-waterproof mascara. I like the look of teary rundown mascara after
deep-throating. I like the transition from princess to slut. So before scenes I may ask you to dress up and
make yourself look pretty, so always be prepared to have make-up with you to accomplish this.
1.7 Presence
Your body should always indicate availability. Therefore your arms and legs can never be crossed in your
owner’s presence.
1.8 Ownership marks
I have the right to place an ownership mark on your body (hips/ass) that does not exceed a square inch.
The mark can be a tattoo or a burn of my choosing.
1.9 Shower and bath
You should have a bath or shower at least once a day that allows you to shave and make sure you are
clean for me.
2 Clothes and accessories
2.1 Clothes
There are certain styles of clothes that I like and certain styles that I don’t like. I expect you to adjust and
keep your wardrobe accordingly.
Good clothes: short skirts, high heels, tank tops, summer dresses, suede, tight jeans, white blouses,
bodies, loose skirts, only large shirt
Bad clothes: latex, rubber, plastic, leather, mum jeans, business suits
In my presence, you will ask for permission before getting dressed. You will ask for permission before
changing outfits. The right to wear clothes and cover your body is given to you by me and can be
revoked at any point. Your body parts can be exposed by me at my discretion. You will obey any request
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to unbutton buttons, raise skirts, remove clothing, pull aside panties or any other type of action related
to your clothing by me regardless of the environment.


2.2 Jewelry
I like silver jewelry. You will wear your collar 24/7 unless not permitted in the environment. I prefer
slave like accessories, chainmail like jewelry. Bracelets, anklets, armbands, headbands, body chains.

2.3 Underwear
I like nice underwear I like lace and push-up bras and sexy panties, preferably matching. Corsets are
nice. No underwear is permitted as well.

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2.4 Bathing suits
Only two piece bikinis are acceptable swimwear when swimming with your Master. Wearing thongs
and/or sunbath topless is permitted. Any exception must be pre-approved and cannot be assumed to be
allowed to wear.
2.5 Ownership piercings
For long term collared slaves, I may decide to have your labia pierced with six rings, three on each side
and a clitoral hood piercing of his likings.
3 Communication
This section describes the task, rules and routines related to daily communication.
3.1 Communication with Master
You will address me by Sir, Master or Mr. B if there is not enough privacy. You will add one of these to
every question and every response to a question or command or short sentences like ‘thank You, Sir’
and ‘Ok, Sir’.
In verbal communication, you will capitalize all words that involve me, including but not limited to
‘Your’, ‘You’, ‘U/us’, ‘W/we’, ‘O/our’.
You shall not raise your voice at me. You shall not whine or nag. You will show respect to me at all times.
Permission to talk freely can be requested but shall be performed undressed and in Nadu.
You shall not interrupt me and will look at him when he talks and stop anything that would distract you
from paying attention to my voice and will answer promptly. At bedtime you are allowed to fall asleep
while I am talking to you.
3.2 Update on schedule and whereabouts
You are owned, I want to know at all moments of the day where my property is. Therefore you shall
inform me when you cannot be in contact for any period over 4 hours (work, etc). In those situations
you will let me know when you expect to be available. You can give me scheduled a week in advance or
when available. In other cases, you can inform me on the day itself for more ad-hoc engagements.
In general, you will inform me when you get back home if you arrive after 11PM. You will notify when
you leave home after 11PM.
In all cases, you notify me when you arrive home after work, either by phone or text.
When using a mobile phone with GPS capability, your Google latitude settings shall remain set to
accurate and automatic updated.
You will keep your cellphone charged and with you and check for messages at least once an hour when
not in my presence.
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3.3 Ask permission
You shall ask permission for the following activities. When asking you will always include the reason.
 In my presence
o To sit down, lay down or stand up
o For anything you eat or drink
o Leave my presence for any reason (bathroom, kitchen)
 Regardless of in my presence or not
o Any orgasm.
o For every meal
o Go to the bathroom
3.4 Greetings and goodbye
When entering the house and aware of my arrival, I expect you next to the door holding the door for
me. You will plié, bow or curtsy for me quickly or kiss my feet. When I am leaving the house, you will
accompany me to the door and kiss me goodbye. When you are leaving the house, you will come to me,
sit next to me, ask for permission to leave, and inform me when you will return. When permission is
granted, you will thank me and promise me that you will serve me even when not in my presence. You
will then either bow, kiss my feet or kiss my cheek.
3.5 Timing
Time is important for me. Be on time, do your tasks when asked, earlier is often better, I hate waiting.
Now means now. Inform me when you are not going to make a deadline beforehand. The results of any
tasks should be sent to me right after completion.
3.6 Information
No information that is perceived relevant can be withheld. It is your responsibility to make sure I am
informed of information that may be perceived relevant by me. This includes both facts and hearsay.
4 External communication
4.1 Online Communication
I like to know what goes on into your life. Therefore you will allow me remote access to your computer
and provide me with logins for email addresses and online accounts when requested. In addition, you
will enable chat logging for all systems like Yahoo, MSN or other online communication tool so that I can
read your discussions with others.
4.2 Social contact
You are allowed to have any social contact as long as it does not interfere with your tasks and duties.
You will ask permission before making any social commitment.
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4.3 Internet BDSM Communication
BDSM education is important; therefore you are permitted to have account on BDSM websites like
Fetlife and Slaveregister. You will ask permission when creating a new account. You will provide me with
your login information to those sites. You will not approach or respond to any other Master’s
communication unless asking for permission to talk to a Master’s slave. All other communication with a
dominant will have to be approved by me. You may return a message from a Dom with a quick rejection
or thank you. You will be free to communicate with other slaves and are encouraged to post questions
on forums. Stay away from male switches. Female switches are ok, as long as they domme women, not
Your status on all websites should be set as ‘Owned’. You will inform me of any interesting articles or
pictures when browsing these sites.
4.4 Going out
Your time belongs to me. Therefore you will notify me of all social engagements as soon as you make
them, but at least 24 hours in advance.
I want to be proud of the way you look and want you to be the guys and girls want when you walk into
the room. Therefore you will ask me approval for appearance if the social engagement involves a public
engagement like a club, a bar, by sending a photo of what you are wearing and will make changes
without hesitation when asked. You will ask me permission for smoking privileges. You will notify me of
any alcohol beverage consumed.
4.5 Work
Your routines are not intended to interfere with your work. You are expected to work hard and honestly
and put your best effort forward in your professional career. You will act in way that brings honor to
both you and me. During work, leniency and freedom towards some rules is permitted where
appropriate, but routines should still be executed with maximum effort.
4.6 Leisure time
You can execute recreational activities in the times between your duties and where assigned tasks have
been completed. Recreational activities will be stopped at my request and you will first execute your
new instructions before continuing your leisure time. Any chores will always have preferences over
recreational activities and leisure time should not interfere with your rules and routines.
4.7 Restaurants and bars
I control what you eat and drunk. In restaurant and bars, you will ask permission before the table. When
ordering, you will tell me your order. I will order your food and drink. I reserve the right to make any
adjustments I see fit. If a waiter asks, you can answer. You will serve me during dinner, open the door
for me, butter my bread, pour my drinks, hand me napkins, open utensils and clean the plates etc.
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4.8 Lifestyle events
When you have to introduce yourself to a life style group, you will follow my lead, so if I use name, you
use name. If I use fetlife or other moniker, so will you. You will follow with ‘my slave register number is :
816-221-313. When I have introduced you and you only mention your slave register number. In one on
one conversation you can use your name.
You are free to talk to female slaves, subs or male subs. When approached or before approaching a
dom/domme, you will ask them permission or indicate to them that you need my permission before
talking, especially when I am with you. When in doubt, ask!
When approached by sales people, you can ask simple permission with a quick look to me, I will nod to
confirm your permission. You refuse any type of demonstration without my approval, but will cooperate
when I have given approval for you to be used for a demonstration of a tool.
When asked if you are a submissive you will correct them and say you are a slave, my slave.
5 Food, drinks and drugs
In this section, all aspect related to food, drinks and drugs will be covered.
5.1 Your drinks
The freezer has a special ice tray with ice-cubes for you from Sir’s juices. Cold drinks, like water, soda
and alcohol require 3 ice-cubes or mixed with the same amount of piss. The fridge has a bottle with your
Sir’s juices. Coffee and tea should use 50% from this bottle. Per day you should drink the amount that
equals at least one full glass. When not in my present you should provide your own.
5.2 Drugs and alcohol
I want to be in control of your actions and your actions should not be controlled by drugs or alcohol.
Therefore you will ask permission before drinking or doing any drugs.
5.3 Medicine
You will inform me of all medicine, vitamins and supplements you take. You will inform me of any
change in routines related to the intake of these. You don’t have to inform me when taking over the
counter medicine that you have taken before.
5.4 Food
You should eat regular meals. All meals while be healthy, high on vitamins and vibers and low or
carbohydrates, fats, and sugars. You will ask approval for each meal. A slave can always use her vaginal
fluids as dressing.
5.5 Smoking
You will brush your teeth after smoking and before seeing me. If you meet me on your way before
brushing, you will apologize and inform me that you need to brush your teeth first. In my presence, you
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will ask my permission before taking a cigarette. Don’t have it in your hand when asking, it will be
rejected right away.
You will not be allowed more than 10 cigarettes a day, regardless whether I am in your presence or not.
6 Daily Activities
6.1 Ad-hoc Tasks
On a daily basis you will receive tasks from me by email, phone message or text message. You will
acknowledge with a reply that you have received and understood the task and when I can expect the
result of the task as requested. You will execute the task with promptly and with care and precision. You
will notify as soon as you have completed the task.
Tasks should be executed with a positive attitude. It should never show that it feels like a chore.
6.2 Sleep
Nighttime is my time. In bed with me, you will sleep naked unless otherwise approved. A standard
exception is that you are allowed to wear underwear when you have your period. .
I will pick the side of the bed. You will sleep on the other side of the bed. In bed, you will lie next to me,
head on my shoulder and your hand on my cock, unless instructed otherwise.
You will not leave the bed without my permission under any circumstances.
6.3 Restroom protocol
I own your personal space; you do not have privacy related to me. You will ask permission before going
to the restroom. You will not close the restroom door when using the restroom at your Master’s house. I
am free to use you while in the restroom. While urinating, you will attempt to stop your stream several
times for a short second to train your vaginal muscles to enhance pelvic floor muscle control.
Being a good toilet slave is important to me, you may be asked to accompany me to the bathroom. You
will sit in Nadu next to me the restroom or sit on the toilet with your legs wide, in both cases your
mouth will stay open for cleaning purposes.
6.4 Sitting down
At home, and whenever possible at in public like lifestyle events, you will sit on the floor next to me, in a
nadu style position; When possible, your head will rest on my leg. When wearing our skirt, regardless of
your presence, you can never sit on your skirt and will remove the skirt from underneath you so that
your panties or bare ass touch the surface you are sitting on.
6.5 Walking
I prefer to walk on the right side of you. Therefore when you walk, you walk on the left side of me. That
way my right arm is available and you can hook onto my left arm. Exception may be when the more
dangerous side is the left side, in which case I will walk on the left side.
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6.6 Private place
I like to have you close at my feet, therefore when no other tasks assigned you will stay underneath the
desk in my office. You will ask permission to leave from underneath the desk for any reason.
6.7 Daily reminders
Daily reminders are setup that you are owned. Here is a list of options. You discuss with me what to use
as a reminder for a particular day. The primary purpose is for that part of the day where we are out of
contact like work, so you and I know you are owned and have that continuous reminder. Here is a list of
suggestions, feel free to make other suggestions to me.
 Wear butt-plug or anal beads
 Place cinnamon toothpaste/hot sauce/IcyHot/Vicks Vaporrub in or on vagina
 Close cunt with (duct) tape, plasters or sutures
 Wear tack bra
 Wear syringes on nipples for 30 minutes, refresh when pain wears off.
 Wear syringes on clit for 30 minutes, refresh when pain wears off.
 Close vagina with alligator or paper clamps
 Wear small nipple/breast clamps
 Wear fine sandpaper in underwear (front or back)
 Wear fine sandpaper in bra
 Have fresh bruises/cuts/burns
 No underwear, short skirt, lift skirt even time you sit down so you sit on bare ass
 Wear insertable vaginal vibrator (like egg)
 Wear insertable anal vibrator (like bullet)
 Place writing all over your body
 Rice/staples in shoes
 Ice on ass/vagina/nipples
 Write words on you
 Dog squeaky toy
 Finger up ass and in nose
 Tape breasts
 Stretch yourself
 Scratch with needles
 Enema
 Tie feet/hands, or hips together
 Candle wax
 Shower cunt with shower or water beam
 Eat veggies that have been inside you
 Take your panties off
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6.8 Morning Recital
When you wake up in the morning, you will sit in Nadu and recite the following to me
An example is:
‘My Sir, my world. This girl loves you, she is your property and ready to serve and obey you in every way
you please’
When not in my presence, you will perform the same activity. You can only get dressed after this recital.
In days that we do not wake up together, you will do this recital again the first time we have contact.
6.9 Head of household
At all moments, I am the head of household meaning that regardless of whom else is in the house, I
have final say in everything at all moments. No order shall be followed that goes against my rules or
wishes. You are only acting as an extension to me in cases where you are asked to order another person
in the household.

7 Household activities
You are responsible for the execution of an organized household. You will inform me of any
abnormalities or activities that require assistance.
7.1 Washing and drying
To allow all clothes to be available at all times, all dirty clothes should be washed every day. Lighter
towels are dried in the dryer. Darker towels are dried without the drier. Bed sheets that are in use are
replaced and cleaned at least once a week.
7.2 Dishes
No dirty dishes shall be left overnight. The dishwasher will run at night or multiple days if necessary.
There should not be any food leftovers in the dishwasher.
7.3 Carpets
Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week. Once every 6 months the carpet should get a deep
thorough cleaning.
7.4 Wooden and linoleum floors
Wooden and linoleum floors are swept daily and cleaned once a week.
7.5 Kitchen counter
When not in use, the kitchen counter top should be spotless and clean at all times.
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