Small Business Loans

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Rapid Advance
Small business loans

About us
RapidAdvance are seasoned financial professionals
Understanding the challenges associated with small
business loans
Designed a business loan alternative
Offers the industry's best alternative to a small
business loan
Created the best Business Cash Advance
Access available cash to keep your business
strong and successful.

Small Business Loans
Streamlined application process with minimal paperwork
Reduced documentation requirements
Fair and affordable repayment terms and fees
A commitment to provide a loan decision within
3 business days of receiving a completed application
(subject to our ability to speak with all necessary references)
Assessment of credit history and historical cash flows
from business performance to support approval for a loan
Higher approval rates than bank loans
Easy renewal terms

The Small Business Loan Program differs from
our Merchant Cash Advance in that it:
Does not require you to switch credit card processors or
use a lockbox for your credit card processing receipts
Is calculated off of your gross sales and not your
credit card receivables
Is structured with a fixed repayment period based on
your cash flow