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5 Things Your
Business Should
Do Right Now
To Profit From

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Typical! Just as you get round to
adding your website to Google
Places, Google is at it again and
changes everything by introducing
Google+ Local. But fear not, all is
explained in this month's issue.
We show how the new Google Plus
and Google Plus Local are going to
revolutionize your online business
and bring lots of new customers to
your website.
Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook continue to grow
at a phenomenal rate and yet amazingly, some businesses and
companies are choosing to bury their heads in the sand and
pretend they don't exist. Hopeful y, if you are one of those
businesses we can convince you to bite the bul et and get
involved. Once you see how effective it is for your business you
wil wish that you did it years ago.
We also reveal why you should be using YouTube as a way of
communicating with your customers and direct them to your
As always we love to receive your comments and feedback so if you
have anything that you would like to say about this issue or you want
us to manage your Internet marketing campaigns then please feel
free to contact us.
Look forward to hearing from you
John Mil er

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