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What's the current scene in today's office design?
The current trend in the workplace is fun and functionality. Stiff and extremely
corporate- looking is out. Relaxing and fun is hot. The big news is mix-matching
furniture so it acquires the desired look for your work space requirements to
enhance productivity and efficiency of employees.
Are you on the hunt for good quality office furniture that will suit the design of
your small office space?
Well, there is actually a shop in the UK called Office Furniture Scene which
features furniture ideas for any office design. It is a one-stop shop offering stuff
from UK ace furniture manufacturers, as well as noted names in the office furniture
scene like Herman Miller, Orangebox and Elite Office Furniture.
From top-of-the-line chairs, desks, meeting room tables, storage solutions and
reception furniture, the Office Furniture Scene is all revved up to give that drab
office an exciting scenario with its extensive list of classic, modern or sassy
furniture guaranteed to last for years.
For small office spaces, choosing furniture can be challenging. To enhance office
efficiency, consider these buying tips:
1. If you want desk versatility for a small office that does not have a
conference room, Linea Bench desks would work. With its specially-
constructed desks, you can turn multiple desks to one conference table.
Now that's practical, fun and creative!
2. Glazed system screen is ideal for shared private spaces. It gives a sense of
privacy yet encourages sharing and openness in the workspace. This system
screen comes in a variety of colors which can truly perk up your small
office. ( For more info regarding glazed system screen, check out

3. Small offices can make use of a communication station. Opt for Orangebox
Cove System. There's COM50, a small communication pod which is totally
modular- ideal for video conferencing, a study area or for small meetings. It
comes in fabric upholstered curved acoustic panels with your choice of
acrylic colors. ( more info at
4. You can't enhance office efficiency and productivity without investing in a
good chair. A good chair is ergonomically designed, that is, it takes good
care of the user with a good support at the back so she or he maintains a
good posture. Ergonomic chairs provide lumbar support and arm/hand
support with its adjustable arm rests. It offers flexibility as you can adjust its
height and reclining position because of its specialized mechanisms.
For other smart furniture buys for your small office space, check out